12/2014 Enhancing electrical stability of plastic electronics devices

06/2013 ONDL scientist wins PhD prize for sustainability research

04/2013 Scientists create first artificial graphite intercalation compound made by layer-by-layer stacking of graphene

04/2013 ONDL PhD student represents Singapore at the 1st BASF Research Forum (AsiaPacific) and PhD Prize Ceremony in PRC

12/2012 Plastic solar cells: new morphology control to boost power efficiency

12/2012 ONDL announces graphene breakthrough at Crystal & Graphene Science Symposium

11/2012 Inkjet printed plastic semiconductors: new understanding of jetting limits

08/2012 ONDL research paper attracts the 1,000th citation

06/2012 A new polymer interface structure: where lying-down makes all the difference

06/2012 Progress in device simulation of plastic solar cells

06/2012 ONDL invited to the Gordon Research Conference

05/2012 New development in solvothermal reduction of alkyl-functionalised sub-oxidized graphene oxide

11/2011 Insight into pi-stacking mechanism in liquid crystalline polymer films

11/2011 Polarons have just got bigger in organic semiconductor polymers

11/2011 Asia materials highlight -Photonics: Graphene’s optical limitation

08/2011 ONDL scientist honoured in 2011 For Women In Science (FWIS) Award

08/2011 Graphene gives protection from intense laser pulse

05/2011 New power-conversion-efficiency benchmark in polythiophene solar cells

05/2011 Solution-processable hole-injection materials with super-deep work functions

05/2011 NUS-ONDL signs landmark IP licensing agreement with Cambridge Display Technology

01/2011 Physics department lunch time seminar: Progress Report from ONDL

01/2011 Launch of Organic Electronics @ NUS Science website

12/2010 Final project report: A*STAR-funded research on inkjet printed films and devices

09/2010 Scientists solved mystery of low charge-carrier mobility in inkjet-printed film

05/2010 Polymer semiconductors become sophisticated

03/2010 Asia materials highlight - Semiconductors: Plastic electronics

01/2010 Robust low-sintering-temperature metal nanoinks suitable for plastic electronics

12/2009 Polymer PIN light-emitting diodes

12/2009 New light on old instability of organic transistors

10/2008 Nature Asia materials highlight - Graphene solution


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