As part of our commitment to serve the wider community, we provide quality calibration and measurement services for local and overseas companies.

Calibration services:

i. Radiometric and wavelength calibration of spectrographs and spectrometers in the optical and NIR spectral regions.

ii. Photoresponse calibration of photodiodes in the optical and NIR spectral regions.

Measurement services:

i. Absolute fluorescence quantum efficiency determination (by integrating sphere).

ii. Variable-temperature spectroscopies of thin solid films: FTIR (30 K to 393 K), UV-Vis-NIR (30 K to 393 K), Raman (198 K to 393 K), fluorescence (30 K to 393 K), and variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometry (198 K to 393 K), in air or in nitrogen.

iii. Surface contact angle (both dynamic and static) and viscometry.

We also offer full research solutions through contract research to local and overseas partner companies on longer-term research projects of mutual interest in polymer organic semiconductors and devices.

Research capabilities:

i. Polymer organic light-emitting diodes, photovoltaics and field-effect transistors.

ii. Inkjet-printed electronics based on Litrex 120 and Dimatix 2831 platforms. [Note this facility will be available to A*STAR researchers free-of-charge, subject only to availability and charges for consumables, services and the use of ancillary facilities.]

iii. Structure-property relationships of polymer organic semiconductor materials through joint spectroscopic and device measurements.

iv. Solution-processable graphenes.

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