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A team from the NUS-Singtel Cyber Security Research & Development Laboratory, including CQT researchers, demonstrate a way to improve quantum key distribution over fibre networks
The material world has always intrigued Associate Professor Goki Eda. Even as a small boy he wanted to understand the fundamental building blocks of our universe and the interactions governing natural processes.
NUS physicists have designed a bipedal nanowalker that can change its walking manner and direction by adjusting the length of its stride.
Explore the motion of satellites, charges, light and empty space! Be fascinated by molecular motors, black holes and the beauty of nature! Prof SOW Chorng Haur, Head, Physics Department, explains how he uses intruiging demonstrations to bring physics to life for students.
Congratulations to our colleagues!

Dr Chan Taw Kuei & Dr Wang Qinghai have been selected as recipients of the NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) for AY 2017/2018.
IPS Awards 2019
Congratulations to our colleagues!

A/Prof Shaffique Adam received the World Scientific Physics Research Medal and Prize 2019 & Asst/Prof Slaven Garaj received the IPS Nanotechnology Medal 2019.
“A CMOS ion trap for integrated optical clocks”, by Prof Murray BARRETT, Department of Physics and Centre for Quantum Technologies, was among the projects awarded.
Dr Cindy Ng and Dr Abel Yang received the IPS Cadi Scientific Award 2017 for their outstanding contributions in creating public awareness of physics in Singapore.





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