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Mr Wong Zi Heng overcame adversity in spite of a cervical spinal cord injury. He is now pursuing a postgraduate diploma in education. He is featured in The Straits Times' Generation Grit: Paralysed at 21, his will to live was unwavering.
Join us as a physicist. Physics is cool and fun. Check out this short clip here. Enjoy!
Using computational modelling and simulation techniques, Prof ZHANG Chun and his research team from both the Departments of Physics and Chemistry, NUS have developed a way of activating graphene by using defects in the underlying substrate.

A research team co-led by Prof Andrivo RUSYDI and Prof ARIANDO, both from the Department of Physics and Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute (NUSNNI) NanoCore, NUS has developed a new methodology involving a combination of advanced measurement techniques to determine the influence of localised charges on the mobility of electrons at the oxide interface.
Now in a new study, physicists Dr. Raditya Weda Bomantara and Professor Gong Jiangbin have theoretically demonstrated that different edge modes of a topological time crystal can be braided and that it is possible to exploit their approach to generate the states necessary for universal quantum computation.
In collaboration with a team from University of Science and Technology of China, Prof Gong Jiangbin’s research team has now experimentally confirmed the theory and demonstrated that the rate at which the pump is switched on can be used to extensively control the amount of transported matter.
Quantum Technologies
Revolutionising atomic clocks

Associate Professor Murray Barrett who led the research at NUS have discovered that lutetium - a previously overlooked element - possesses properties ideal for making high performance atomic clocks.

A team of Special Programme in Science (SPS) students comprising Year 2 Physics student: KIM Mu Young and three other Science students emerged as the top winner at the 8th International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST) held in Agra, India from 29 January to 3 February 2018.

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