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2008 Award Winners

The IPS Prize and Medal Awards are generously sponsored by: World Scientific Pte. Ltd., Research Instruments Singapore, Crescendas Group and Cadi Scientific Pte. Ltd.

The award ceremony will be graced by Distinguished Professor ANTHONY J. LEGGETT, 2003 Physics Nobel Laureate.

Date: 4th August 2008 (Monday)
Venue: LT 31, Science Auditiorium
Time: 5.00pm


'A few of the things we don't know about the physical world'

Abstract: There are many popular books which tell us about the spectacular advances made in the last few decades in our understanding of the physical universe. Yet there are a surprising number of really important questions which we don't understand. I will review a few of these, ranging from the origins of the universe to the status of quantum mechanics at the macroscopic level.

2008 IPS Medallists

1) The IPS President's Medal

Prof. Andrew Wee (NUS)

Currently the Dean of Science Faculty, NUS, Prof. Wee has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in his capacity as the President Elect of the Institute of Physics, Singapore for 6 years from 2001-2007, and was the former head of the NUS Physics Department. He has published more than 300 internationally refereed scientific papers. Prof. Wee is currently an Elected Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Physics (IPS) and Institute of Physics (IoP), UK.

2) The World Scientific (Physics Research) Medal and Prize

Asst. Prof. Chen Ping (NUS)

Asst. Prof. Chen has conducted outstanding research in hydrogen storage. This important discovery has caused a stir in the international scientific community, offering the world a possible solution to global warming and its search for a clean and renewable energy.

3) The Omicron Nanotechnology Medal and Prize (Nanotechnology Physics Research)

Prof. Kuok Meng Hau (NUS)

Prof. Kuok has made outstanding research contributions in the areas of magnetic and mechanical properties of low-dimensional structures using inelastic laser-light scattering spectroscopy, spin dynamics of patterned nanomagnetic media, nanomagnetism, nanoacoustics of porous silicon and photonic crystals.

4) The Crescendas Physics Medal and Prize (Secondary School / Junior College)

Mr Yip Cheng Hou (Boon Lay Secondary School)

An outstanding and innovative teacher, Mr. Yip has given Boon Lay pupils greater value-added scientific opportunities and exposure to physics skills so that they can excel in Physics examinations. 45 % of his students scored a distinction and 100 % passes in the 2007 Physics ‘O’ level examinations.

Mr Chan Soo Heong, Julius (Victoria Junior College)

Outstanding Physics teacher with vast experience (since 1985) in teaching Physics at Victoria Junior College. He is an excellent pedagogical leader in physics education. His philosophy of inspirational teaching, engaged learining has won the respect of his fellow physics lecturers and his students at Victoria JC. Mr Julius Chan also posseses excellent administrative skills in the VJC physics department.

5) The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize: The Public Awareness of Physics Award

Prof. Xu Shuyan (NIE)

Prof. Xu was outstanding in promoting physics in Singapore and to the world by hosting the 37th International Physics Olympiad, 8-17th July 2006. He led an organising team in this event, which saw a total of 4 Nobel Prize winners and 1 Templeton Laureate, and some 800 participating competitors, leaders and officials from 86 countries taking part in this event.

6) The Honorary IPS Fellowship Award

Prof. Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Discoverer of neutron stars & first female British physicist awarded the IPS Distinguished Honorary Fellowship Award

Distinguished Visitor's Lecture at the National University of Singapore, 29th February 2008 by Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell on Pulsar Stars. Jointly organised by the British High Commission, Singapore, IPS and NUS.

Prof. Bell's lecture was enthusiastically received by a 600-strong audience comprising students. In the above photograph, she gamely posed for photographs after the event with budding astronomers from Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles Junior College.

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