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2007 Award Winners

2007 IPS Medallists

1) The IPS President's Medal

Prof. Lim Hock (National University of Singapore) was awarded The IPS President's Medal. From 1987 to 1993, he was involved in the setting up and development of the Laboratory for Image and Signal Processing (LISP), with MINDEF funding (LISP evolved into CRISP in 1993). Image restoration research conducted at LISP won student the Defence Technology Prize 1993. From 1990 to 1993, he was instrumental in the development and coordination of the Computational Science Programme in the Faculty of Science. Prof. Lim was also involved in the establishment and development of the Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP), with funding from A*STAR (known as NSTB then). CRISP won the Excellence for Singapore Award 1999. From 2000 till today, he is involved in the setting up and development of the Temasek Laboratories with funding from the DSTA. He was awarded the Defence Technology Prize (Individual, R&D Category) in 2003.

2) The World Scientific (Physics Research) Medal and Prize

Prof. Li Baowen (National University of Singapore) was awarded The World Scientific Medal and Prize. He has made seminal contributions in the understanding the microscopic mechanisms of heat conduction in one-dimensional systems. In 2004 and 2005, Li and his collaborators at NUS proposed the building thermal rectifier/diode by coupling two nonlinear lattices. In 2006, they worked out a model for a thermal transistor, following a finding of negative differential thermal resistance in the thermal rectifier/diode model. The thermal rectifier has been realised experimentally in 2006 by a group at Berkeley.

3) The Omicron Nanotechnology Medal and Prize (Nanotechnology Physics Research)

Asst. Prof. Jeroen van Kan from the National University of Singapore's CIBA group was awarded The Omicron Medal and Prize for excellent research in Nanotechnology. His seminal research contributions are in the fields of nanolithography, nano-imprinting, nanoscience and technology, molecular electronics and devices.

4) The Crescendas Physics Medal and Prize (Secondary School / Junior College)

Ms. Ho Siew Chong (Anderson Junior College) was awarded the Crescendas Physics Medal and Prize. As an experienced and dedicated Physics teacher, she has been helping the students to excel in their field of studies, offering various opportunities to stretch their potential. Many students have benefited from her teaching and are inspired by her to further their education and research in related fields. Always looking for ways to improve, she encourages teachers in her department to seek improvements in their pedagogy and better their teaching through formation of Learning Circles and Action Research teams. Ms Ho has made significant contributions in promoting a strong science research culture in Anderson JC.

Mr. Mark Wee Chye Huat (Raffles Institution) was awarded the Crescendas Physics Medal and Prize. Mark has proven himself to be a first-class Physics teacher, well loved by all his students. He frequently teaches physics as a way of thinking, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. A reflective teacher who is aware of his students’ different learning styles, Mark is able to reach out to students of different abilities through the varied examples, stories and problem situations he brings into the classroom. His students speak fondly of him, of how effective he is, of his love for the subject, and how they have been inspired by him.

5) The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize: The Public Awareness of Physics Award

Dr. Pang Kian Tiong was awarded the Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize for his outstanding contributions in organising Einstein's 2005 Centennial Celebration. As a resident scientist at The Singapore Science Centre, he has contributed much in his several years of experience in communicating physics to the general public.

6) The Honorary IPS Fellowship Award

Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

Prof. Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1997






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