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  Publications in 2004  

Strain-mediated uniform islands in stacked Ge/Si(001) layers
Xu MJ, Jeyanthinath M, Wang XS, Jia JF, Xue QK
Japanese Journal Of Applied Physics Part 1-Regular Papers Short Notes & Review Papers 43 (11A): 7411-7414 NOV 2004


Film growth of germanium on Ru(0001) studies by scanning tunneling microscopy
Zhang HJ, Lu B, Wang XS, Hu F, Li HY, Bao SN, He P
Physical Review B 70 (23): Art. No. 235415 DEC 2004


Thermal stability of Cu/Ta/ultra low k porous polymer structures for multilevel interconnects
D. H. ZHANG, L. Y. YANG, C. Y. LI, R. LIU, A. T. S. WEE and P. D. FOO
International Journal of Nanoscience Vol. 3, Nos. 4 & 5 (2004) 481-487


Comparative study of Ta and TaN(N) in the barrier/ultra low k structures for deep submicron integrated circuits
L. Y. YANG, D. H. ZHANG, C. Y. LI, R. LIU, A. T. S. WEE and P. D. FOO
International Journal of Nanoscience Vol. 3, Nos. 4 & 5 (2004) 471-479


Determination of nitrogen composition in GaNxAs1-x epilayer on GaAs
Fan WJ, Yoon SF, Cheah WK, Loke WK, Ng TK, Wang SZ, Liu R, Wee A
Journal Of Crystal Growth 268 (3-4): 470-474 AUG 1 2004


Formation of ultra-shallow p(+)/n junctions in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate using laser annealing
Ong KK, Pey KL, Lee PS, Wee ATS, Chong YF, Yeo KL, Wang XC
Materials Science And Engineering B-Solid State Materials For Advanced Technology 114-15: 25-28 DEC 15 2004


Photoemission study of energy-band alignment for RuOx/HfO2/Si system
Li Q, Wang SJ, Li KB, Huan ACH, Chai JW, Pan JS, Ong CK
Applied Physics Letters 85 (25): 6155-6157 DEC 20 2004


Fabrication of a two-dimensional periodic non-close-packed array of polystyrene particles
Tan BJY, Sow CH, Lim KY , Cheong FC, Chong GL, Wee ATS, Ong CK
Journal Of Physical Chemistry B 108 (48): 18575-18579 DEC 2 2004


An investigation of structure, magnetic properties and magnetoresistance of Ni films prepared by sputtering
Yi JB, Zhou YZ, Ding J, Chow GM, Dong ZL, White T, Gao XY, Wee ATS, Yu XJ
Journal Of Magnetism And Magnetic Materials 284: 303-311 DEC 2004


Nanoparticle dispersion on reconstructed carbon nanomeshes
Chen W, Loh KP, Xu H, Wee ATS
Langmuir 20 (25): 10779-10784 DEC 7 2004


Formation of order molecular nanostructures on the Si(111)-(7x7) surface by patterned assembly
Zhang YP, Yong KS , Lai YH, Xu GQ, Wang XS
Applied Physics Letters 85 (14): 2926-2928 OCT 4 2004


Synthesis, characterization and application of nano-structured Mo2C thin films
Chen HY, Chen L, Lu Y, Hong Q, Chua HC, Tang SB, Lin J
Catalysis Today 96 (3): 161-164 OCT 5 2004


The growth of carbon nanotubes at predefined locations using whole nickel nanowires as templates
Gao H, Lin JY, Pan H, Wu GT, Feng YP
Chemical Physics Letters 393 (4-6): 511-516 AUG 1 2004


Ultrafast absorptive and refractive nonlinearities in multiwalled carbon nanotube films
Elim HI, Ji W, Ma GH, Lim KY, Sow CH, Huan CHA
Applied Physics Letters 85 (10): 1799-1801 SEP 6 2004


The decomposition mechanism of SiO2 with the deposition of oxygen-deficient M(Hf or Zr)O-x films
Li Q, Wang SJ, Lim PC, Chai JW, Huan ACH, Ong CK
Thin Solid Films 462-63: 106-109 SEP 2004


Energy-band alignments at ZrO2/Si, SiGe, and Ge interfaces
Wang SJ, Huan ACH, Foo YL, Chai JW, Pan JS, Li Q, Dong YF, Feng YP, Ong CK
Applied Physics Letters 85 (19): 4418-4420 NOV 8 2004


A surface chemistry route to molybdenum sulfide and germanide films using the single-source precursor tetrakis(diethylaminodithiocarbomato)molybdate(IV)
Ti OY, Loh KP, Zhang H, Vittal JJ, Vetrichelvan M, Chen W, Gao XY, Wee ATS
Journal Of Physical Chemistry B 108 (45): 17537-17545 NOV 11 2004


Self-assembled growth of coaxial crystalline nanowires
Ho GW, Wong ASW, Wee ATS , Welland ME
Nano Letters 4 (10): 2023-2026 OCT 2004


Ternary imides for hydrogen storage
Xiong ZT, Wu GT, Hu HJ, Chen P
Advanced Materials 16 (17): 1522-1525 SEP 3 2004


Magnetoelastic nanocrystalline Co-Ni alloys
Kong HZ, Wee ATS , Ding J, Li y, Liu Y
International Journal of nanoscience Vol. 3, Nos.4&5:615-623 August & October 2004

38 Evaluation of back-side secondary ion mass spectrometry for boron diffusion in silicon and silicon-on-insulator substrates
Yeo KL, Wee ATS , Chong YF
Journal Of Applied Physics 96 (7): 3692-3695 OCT 1 2004
37 Characterization of Cu/Ta/ultra low-k porous polymer structures for multilevel interconnects
Yang LY, Zhang DH, Li CY, Liu R, Wee ATS , Foo PD
Thin Solid Films 462-63: 182-185 SEP 2004
36 Study of copper diffusion into Ta and TaN barrier materials for MOS devices
Loh SW, Zhang DH, Li CY, Liu R, Wee ATS
Thin Solid Films
462-63: 240-244 SEP 2004
35 Critical review of the current status of thickness measurements for ultrathin SiO2 on Si Part V. Results of a CCQM pilot study
Seah MP, Spencer SJ, Bensebaa F, Vickridge I, Danzebrink H, Krumrey M, Gross T, Oesterle W, Wendler E, Rheinlander B, Azuma Y, Kojima I, Suzuki N, Suzuki M, Tanuma S, Moon DW, Lee HJ, Cho HM, Chen HY, Wee ATS, Osipowicz T, Pan JS, Jordaan WA, Hauert R, Klotz U, van der Marel C, Verheijen M, Tarnminga Y, Jeynes C, Bailey P, Biswas S, Falke U, Nguyen NV, Chandler-Horowitz D, Ehrstein JR, Muller D, Dura JA
Surface And Interface Analysis 36 (9): 1269-1303 SEP 2004
34 STM observation of Ga-dimers on a GaAs(001)-c(8x2)-Ga surface
Xu H, Sun YY, Li YG, Feng YP, Wee ATS, Huan ACH
Physical Review B 70 (8): Art. No. 081313 AUG 2004
33 The formation of Ge nanocrystals in a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure and its memory effect
Heng CL, Liu YJ, Wee ATS, Finstad TG
Journal Of Crystal Growth 262 (1-4): 95-104 FEB 15 2004
32 In situ XPS and SIMS analysis of O-2(+) beam-induced silicon oxidation
Tan SK, Yeo KL, Wee ATS
Surface And Interface Analysis 36 (7): 640-644 JUL 2004
31 Selective growth of GaAs quantum dots on the triangle nanocavities bounded by SiO2 mask on Si substrate by MBE
Zheng YB, Chua SJ, Huan CHA, Miao ZL
Journal Of Crystal Growth 268 (3-4): 369-374 AUG 1 2004
30 Optical limiting studies of new carbon nanocomposites and amorphous SixNy or amorphous SiC coated multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Elim HI, Chen WZ, Ji W, Zhong ZY, Lin JY, Meng GC, Chin KC, Gohel A, Wee ATS, Chen GX, Hong MH
Journal Of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials 13 (2): 275-289 Sp. Iss. SI, JUN 2004
29 Rule for Structures of Open Metal Surfaces
Y.Y. Sun, H. Xu, Y. P. Feng, A. C. H. Huan, and A.T. S.Wee
Physica Lreview Letters VOLUME 93, NUMBER 13: 136102(1)- 136102-(4) 24th Sep. 2004
28 Co-doping carbon tetrabromide (CBr4) and antimony (Sb) on GaAs [100] in solid source molecular beam epitaxy
Cheah WK, Fan WJ, Yoon SF, Liu R, Wee ATS
Journal Of Crystal Growth 267 (1-2): 364-371 JUN 15 2004
27 Liu R, Wee ATS
Sub-keV secondary ion mass spectrometry depth profiling: comparison of sample rotation and oxygen flooding
Applied Surface Science 231-2: 653-657 Sp. Iss. SI, JUN 15 2004
26 T. P. Ang, T. S. A. Wee, and W. S. Chin
Three-Dimensional Self-Assembled Monolayer (3D SAM) of n-Alkanethiols on Copper Nanoclusters
The Journal Of Physical Chemistry B 108 (30): 11001-11010 July 29 2004
25 Xie XN, Chung HJ, Xu H, Xu X, Sow CH, Wee ATS
Probe-induced native oxide decomposition and localized oxidation on 6H-SiC (0001) surface: An atomic force microscopy investigation
Journal Of The American Chemical Society 126 (24): 7665-7675 JUN 23 2004
24 Xie XN, Chung HJ, Sow CH, Wee ATS
Native oxide decomposition and local oxidation of 6H-SiC (0001) surface by atomic force microscopy
Applied Physics Letters 84 (24): 4914-4916 JUN 14 2004
23 Chong YF, Gossmann HJL, Pey KL, Thompson MO, Wee ATS, Tung CH
Laser thermal processing of amorphous silicon gates to reduce poly-depletion in CMOS devices
IEEE Transactions On Electron Devices 51 (5): 669-676 MAY 2004
22 Zheng JC, Huan CHA, Wee ATS, Van Hove MA, Fadley CS, Shi FJ, Rotenberg E, Barman SR, Paggel JJ, Horn K, Ebert P, Urban K
Atomic-scale structure of the fivefold surface of an AlPdMn quasicrystal: A quantitative x-ray photoelectron diffraction analysis
Physical Review B 69 (13): Art. No. 134107 APR 2004
21 Chong YF, Gossmann HJL, Thompson MO, Yang S, Pey KL, Wee ATS
Time-resolved reflectance studies of silicon during laser thermal processing of amorphous silicon gates on ultrathin gate oxides
Journal Of Applied Physics 95 (11): 6048-6053 Part 1 JUN 1 2004
20 Tok ES, Ong WJ, Wee ATS
6H-SiC(0001) phase transition: evolution of the (6x6) magic clusters
Surface Science 558 (1-3): 145-158 JUN 1 2004

Huang HL, Goh SH, Lai DMY, Huan CHA
ToF-SIMS studies of poly(methyl methacrylate-co-methacrylic acid), poly (2,2,3,3,3-pentafluoropropyl methacrylate-co-4-vinylpyridine) and their blends
Applied Surface Science 227 (1-4): 373-382 APR 15 2004


Xie XN, Chung HJ, Sow CH, Wee ATS
Oxide growth and its dielectrical properties on alkylsilated native-SiO2/Si surface
Chemical Physics Letters 388 (4-6): 446-451 APR 21 2004

17 Zhong ZY, Chen FX, Xiong XT, Soon HC, Lin JY, Tan KL
Catalytic growth of carbon nanoballs with Co encapsulation from CH4 decomposition: MoOx-promoted shrinking of the carbon nanoball size
Journal Of Nanoscience And Nanotechnology 4 (1-2): 183-188 JAN-FEB 2004
16 Ke L, Kumar RS, Zhang KR, Chua SJ, Wee ATS
Effect of parylene layer on the performance of OLED
Microelectronics Journal 35 (4): 325-328 APR 2004
15 Liu R, Wee ATS, Shen DH, Takenaka H
Characterization of delta-doped B/Si multilayers by low-energy secondary ion mass spectrometry
Surface And Interface Analysis 36 (2): 172-176 FEB 2004
14 Zheng YB, Chua SJ, Huan CHA, Miao ZL
Growth of InAs quantum dots on shallow spherically shaped craters prepared on GaAs(001) substrates: an extended set of vicinal surfaces
Journal Of Crystal Growth 263 (1-4): 161-166 MAR 1 2004
13 Jie YX, Wee ATS, Huan CHA, Sun WX, Shen ZX, Chua SJ
Raman and photoluminescence properties of Ge nanocrystals in silicon oxide matrix
Materials Science And Engineering B-Solid State Materials For Advanced Technology
107 (1):
8-13 FEB 25 2004
12 Chin KC, Gohel A, Elim HI, Ji W, Chong GL, Lim KY, Sow CH, Wee ATS
Optical limiting properties of amorphous SixNy and SiC coated carbon nanotubes
Chemical Physics Letters 383 (1-2): 72-75 JAN 1 2004

Ding J, Liu BH, Dong ZL, Zhong ZY, Lin JY, White T
The preparation of Al2O3/M (Fe, Co, Ni) nanocomposites by mechanical alloying and the catalytic growth of carbon nanotubes
Composites Part B-Engineering 35 (2): 103-109 2004


Huang HL, Goh SH, Lai DMY, Wee ATS, Huan CHA
Miscibility and surface properties of fluorinated copolymer blends involving hydrogen-bonding interactions
Journal Of Polymer Science Part B-Polymer Physics 42 (7): 1145-1154 APR 1 2004

09 Ke L, Kumar RS, Zhang K, Chua SJ, Wee ATS
Organic light emitting devices performance improvement by inserting thin parylene layer
Synthetic Metals 140 (2-3): 295-299 FEB 27 2004
08 Zhu YQ, Kang ET, Neoh KG, Chan L, Lai DMY, Huan ACH
Surface modification of SiLK (R) by graft copolymerization with 4-vinylpyridine for reduction in copper diffusion
Applied Surface Science 225 (1-4): 144-155 MAR 30 2004

Zhang YP, Yang L, Lai YH, Xu GQ, Wang XS
Self-assembly of one-dimensional molecular nanostructures on the Ge-covered Si(100) surface
Applied Physics Letters 84 (3): 401-403 JAN 19 2004

06 Xiao CY, Chan HSO, Xu GQ, Lim KT, Lin JY
Correlation of thermal stability with structural properties of ultrathin single-walled carbon nanotubes
Applied Physics Letters 84 (10): 1677-1679 MAR 8 2004
05 Huang HL, Goh SH, Lai DMY, Huan CHA, Wee ATS
Surface properties of miscible poly (1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoroisopropyl methacrylate)/phenoxy blends
Journal Of Applied Polymer Science 91 (3): 1798-1805 FEB 5 2004
04 Sun YY, Xu H, Feng YP, Huan ACH, Wee ATS
Multilayer relaxations of (311), (331) and (210) fcc transition metal surfaces studied by pseudopotential DFT calculations
Surface Science 548 (1-3): 309-316 JAN 1 2004
03 Chen W, Loh KP, Xu H, Wee ATS
Growth of monodispersed cobalt nanoparticles on 6H-SiC(0001) honeycomb template
Applied Physics Letters 84 (2): 281-283 JAN 12 2004
02 Lau GS, Tok ES, Liu R, Wee ATS, Zhang J
Roughening behavior in Si/SiGe heterostructures under O-2(+) bombardment
Nuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions With Materials And Atoms 215 (1-2): 76-82 JAN 2004
01 Chong YF, Gossmann HJL, Pey KL, Thompson MO, Wee ATS, Tung CH
Reduction of polysilicon gate depletion effect in NMOS devices using laser thermal processing
Electrochemical And Solid State Letters 7 (2): G25-G27 2004