Publications in 2003  
Wang YH, Lin J, Huan CHA
Structural and optical properties of a-Si : H/nc-Si : H thin films grown from Ar-H-2-SiH4 mixture by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Materials Science And Engineering B-Solid State Materials For Advanced Technology 104 (1-2): 80-87 NOV 15 2003
Ren MQ, Ong WY, Wang XS, Watt F
A nuclear microscopic and histochemical study of iron concentrations and distribution in the midbrain of two age groups of monkeys unilaterally injected with MPTP
Experimental Neurology 184 (2): 947-954 DEC 2003
Gao H, Wu XB, Li JT, Wu GT, Lin JY, Wu K, Xu DS
Hydrogen adsorption of open-tipped insufficiently graphitized multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Applied Physics Letters 83 (16): 3389-3391 OCT 20 2003
Y.Y. Sun *, H. Xu, Y.P. Feng, A.C.H. Huan, A.T.S. Wee
Structure of Fe(310) studied by quantitative LEED
analysis and pseudopotential DFT calculations
Surface Science 546:
(2003) L808-L812
Y. Y. Sun, H. Xu,J. C. Zheng, J. Y. Zhou, Y. P. Feng, A. C. H. Huan,A. T. S. Wee,
Multilayer relaxation of Cu?210? studied by layer-doubling LEED analysis and pseudopotential density functional theory calculations
Physical Review B 68: 115420 (2003)
Yao HB, Li Y, Wee ATS
Passivity behavior of melt-spun Mg-Y alloys
Electrochimica Acta 48 (28): 4197-4204 DEC 15 2003
Ho V, Teo LW, Choi WK, Chim WK, Tay MS, Antoniadis DA, Fitzgerald EA, Du AY, Tung CH, Liu R, Wee ATS
Effect of germanium concentration and tunnel oxide thickness on nanocrystal formation and charge storage/retention characteristics of a trilayer memory structure
Applied Physics Letters 83 (17): 3558-3560 OCT 27 2003
Chen W, Xie XN, Xu H, Wee ATS, Loh KP
Atomic scale oxidation of silicon nanoclusters on silicon carbide surfaces
Journal Of Physical Chemistry B 107 (42): 11597-11603 OCT 23 2003
Zhang Y, Ang SS, Tay AAO, Xu D, Kang ET, Neoh KG, Chong LP, Huan ACH Characterization of electrolessly deposited copper and nickel nanofilms on modified Si(100) surface
Langmuir 19 (17): 6802-6806 AUG 19 2003
Chen P, Xiong ZT, Luo JZ, Lin JY, Tan KL
Interaction between lithium amide and lithium hydride
Journal Of Physical Chemistry B 107 (39): 10967-10970 OCT 2 2003
Peng HJ, Shen ZX, Lim EH, Lai CW, Liu R, Wee ATS, Sameer A, Dai JY, Zhang BC, Zheng JZ
Effects of first rapid thermal annealing temperature on Co silicide formation
Solid-State Electronics 47 (8): 1249-1253 AUG 2003
Xu H, Huan ACH, Wee ATS, Tong DM
Magnetic properties of ultrathin Co films on Si (111)
Solid State Communications 126 (12): 659-664 JUN 2003
Loh KP, Wy FA, Lim CW, Zhang X, Chen W, Xie XN, Xu H, Wee ATS
Reactive atom beam deposition of boron nitride ultrathin films and nanoparticles using borazine
Diamond And Related Materials 12 (3-7): 1103-1107 MAR-JUL 2003
Yeo KL, Wee ATS, Liu R, Zhou FF, See A
Investigation of boron penetration through decoupled plasma nitrided gate oxide using backside secondary ion mass spectrometry depth profiling
Journal Of Vacuum Science & Technology B 21 (1): 193-197 JAN-FEB 2003
Price RW, Tok ES, Liu R, Wee ATS, Woods NJ, Zhang J
Dynamics and surface segregation during GSMBE of Si1-yCy and Si1-x-yGexCy on the Si(001) surface
Journal Of Crystal Growth 251 (1-4): 676-680 APR 2003
Gohel A, Chin KC, Lim KY, Tay ST, Liu R, Chen GS, Wee ATS
Selective area growth of aligned carbon nanotubes by ion beam surface modification
Chemical Physics Letters 371 (1-2): 131-135 MAR 28 2003
Lim KY, Sow CH, Lin JY, Cheong FC, Shen ZX, Thong JTL, Chin KC, Wee ATS
Laser pruning of carbon nanotubes as a route to static and movable structures
Advanced Materials 15 (4): 300-303 FEB 17 2003

Liu R, Ng CM, Wee ATS
Surface roughening effect in sub-keV SIMS depth profiling
Applied Surface Science 203: 256-259 JAN 15 2003

Yeo KL, Wee ATS, See A, Liu R, Ng CM
SIMS backside depth profiling of ultra shallow implants
Applied Surface Science 203: 335-338 JAN 15 2003
Koh YW, Loh KP, Rong L, Wee ATS, Huang L, Sudijono J
Low dielectric constant a-SiOC : H films as copper diffusion barrier
Journal Of Applied Physics 93 (2): 1241-1245 JAN 15 2003
Yu T, Shen ZX, He J, Sun WX, Tang SH, Lin JY
Phase control of chromium oxide in selective microregions by laser annealing
Journal Of Applied Physics 93 (7): 3951-3953 APR 1 2003
Zhang YP, Yang L, Lai YH, Xu GQ, Wang XS
Formation of ordered two-dimensional nanostructures of Cu on the Si(111)-(7x7) surface
Surface Science 531 (3): L378-L382 JUN 1 2003
Wang SJ, Lim PC, Huan ACH, Liu CL, Chai JW, Chow SY, Pan JS, Li Q, Ong CK
Reaction of SiO2 with hafnium oxide in low oxygen pressure
Applied Physics Letters 82 (13): 2047-2049 MAR 31 2003
Zhang Y, Kang ET, Neoh KG, Ang SS, Huan ACH
Surface passivation of (100)-oriented GaAs with ultrathin fluoropolymer films deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering of poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
Journal Of The Electrochemical Society 150 (3): F53-F59 MAR 2003
Huang CD, Tan KS, Lin HY, Tan KL
XRD and XPS analysis of the degradation of the polymer electrolyte in H-2-O-2 fuel cell
Chemical Physics Letters 371 (1-2): 80-85 MAR 28 2003
Zhitao Xiong, Ping Chen, Guotao Wu, Jianyi Lin and Kuang Lee Tan
Investigations into the interaction between hydrogen and calcium nitride
Journal Of Materials Chemistry 13: 1676-1680 May 6 2003
Cheong FC, Lim KY, Sow CH, Lin JY, Ong CK
Large area patterned arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes via laser trimming
Nanotechnology 14 (4): 433-437 APR 2003
Chong YF, Gossmann HJL, Thompson MO, Pey KL, Wee ATS, Talwar S, Chan L
Reduction of carrier depletion in p(+) polysilicon gates using laser thermal processing
IEEE Electron Device Letters 24 (5): 360-362 MAY 2003
Sun YY, Wee ATS, Huan ACH
Study of a computational-time-saving scheme for quantitative LEED analysis by the matrix inversion method
Surface Review And Letters 10 (2-3): 493-497 APR-JUN 2003
Pan JS, Tok ES, Huan CHA, Liu RS, Chai JW, Ong WJ, Toh KC
Probing the behaviour of ultra thin Co layers on clean and hydrogen terminated Si(001) and Si(111) surfaces
Surface Science 532: 639-644 JUN 10 2003
Yao HB, Li Y, Wee ATS
Corrosion behavior of melt-spun Mg65Ni20Nd15 and Mg65Cu25Y10 metallic glasses
Electrochimica Acta 48 (18): 2641-2650 AUG 1 2003
Huang HL, Goh SH, Zheng JW, Lai DMY, Huan CHA
Surface characterization of C-60-containing poly(ethyl methacrylate)/poly(ethyl methacrylate) blends
Langmuir 19 (13):
5332-5335 JUN 24 2003
Yu T, Shen ZX, Sun WX, Lin JY, Ding J
Spin-phonon coupling in rod-shaped half-metallic CrO2 ultrafine particles: a magnetic Raman scattering study
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter 15 (12): L213-L217 APR 2 2003
Lau GS, Tok ES, Liu R, Wee ATS, Tjiu WC, Zhang J
Nanostructure formation by O+ ion sputtering of Si/SiGe heterostructures
Nanotechnology 14: (2003) 1187-1191