Publications in 1995  
Low MHS, Huan CHA, Wee ATS, et al.
An alternative method for determining the transmission function of secondary ion mass spectrometers
NUCL INSTRUM METH B 103: (4) 482-488 DEC 1995
Wee ATS, Feng ZC, HngHH, et al.
XPS and SIMS studies of MBE-grown CDTE/INSB(001) Heterostructures
J PHYS-CONDENS MAT 7: (23) 4359-4369 JUN 5 1995
Kingsley CR, Whitaker TJ, Wee ATS, et al.
Development of chemical beam epitaxy for the deposition of gallium nitride
MAT SCI ENG B-SOLID 29: (1-3) 78-82 JAN 1995
Zeng HC, Lin J, Tan KL
Memory effect of ZRO2 matrix on surface CO3O4-COO transition
J MATER RES 10: (12) 3096-3105 DEC 1995
Choi WK, Chan YM, Ah LK, et al.
Effect of rapid thermal annealing on the structrual and electrical-properties of a silicon-silicon oxide system
J APPL PHYS 78: (7) 4390-4394 OCT 1 1995
Chan HSO, Ho PKH, Ng SC, et al.
A new water-soluble, self-doping conducting polyaniline from ploy(O-aminoebnzylphosphonic acid) and its sodium-salts - synthesis and characterization
J AM CHEM SOC 117: (33) 8517-8523 AUG 23 1995
Neoh KG, Pun MY, Kang ET, et al.
Polyaniline treated with organic-acids - doping characteristics and stability
SYNTHETIC MET 73: (3) 209-215 AUG 15 1995
Loh FC, Lau CB, Tan KL, et al.
Surface modification of polyimide films by graft-copolymerization
J APPL POLYM SCI 56: (13) 1707-1713 JUN 27 1995
Gopalakrishnan R, Chowdari BVR, Tan KL, et al.
Surface and electrical studies of CUO-V2O5 thin-films
THIN SOLID FILMS 260: (2) 161-167 MAY 15 1995
Loh FC, Tan KL, Kang ET, et al.
Near-uv radiation-induced surface grat-copolymerization of some O-3-pretreated conventional polymer-films
EUR POLYM J 31: (5) 481-488 MAY 1995
Grasjo L, Hultquist G, Tan KL, et al.
Surface-reactions on palladium hydride in vacuum, air and water studied in-situ with mass-spectrometry
APPL SURF SCI 89: (1) 21-34 MAY 1995
Pun MY, Neoh KG, Kang ET, et al.
Protonation of polyaniline by surface-functionalized polymer substrates
J APPL POLYM SCI 56: (3) 355-364 APR 18 1995
Zeng HC, Lin J, Teo WK, et al.
Monoclinic ZRO2 and its supported materials CO/NI/ZRO2 for N2O decomposition
J MATER RES 10: (3) 545-552 MAR 1995
Neoh KG, Kang ET, Tan KL
Spectroscopic studies of the effects of salt addition in the protonation and deprotonation of emeraldine films
J POLYM SCI POL PHYS 33: (5) 833-839 APR 15 1995
Kang ET, Neoh KG, Pun MY, et al.
Charge-transfer interactions between polyaniline and surface functionalized polymer substrates
SYNTHETIC MET 69: (1-3) 105-108 MAR 1 1995
Kang ET, Ting YP, Neoh KG, et al.
Electroless recovery of percious metals from acid-solutions by N-containing electroactive polymers
SYNTHETIC MET 69: (1-3) 477-478 MAR 1 1995
Kim DY, Lee JY, Kim CY, et al.
Protonation and doping behavior of polyphyrrole films and powders
SYNTHETIC MET 69: (1-3) 501-502 MAR 1 1995
Ma J, Chuah GK, Jaenicke S, et al.
Catalysis by manganese oxide monolayers .1. alumina and magnesia supports
BER BUNSEN PHYS CHEM 99: (2) 184-195 FEB 1995
Jiang ZT, James BD, Liesegang J, et al.
Investigation of the ferroelectric phase-transition in (CH3NH3)HGCL3
J PHYS CHEM SOLIDS 56: (2) 277-283 FEB 1995
Chan HSO, Ng SC, Leong LS, et al.
Poly(4-aminobiphenyl) - chemical synthesis, characterization studies and comparison with conductive electropolymerized samples
SYNTHETIC MET 68: (3) 199-205 FEB 1995
Choi WK, Chan YM, Ling CH, et al.
Structural-properties of amorphous-silicon carbide films by plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor-deposition
J APPL PHYS 77: (2) 827-832 JAN 15 1995
Loh FC, Tan KL, Kang ET, et al.
Structural studies of polyethylene, poly(ethylene-terephthalate) and polystyrene films modified by near uv-light induced surface graft-copolymerization
POLYMER 36: (1) 21-27 JAN 1995
Zeng HC, Lin J, Teo WK, et al.
Surface NI2+ diffusion in sol-gel-derived tetragonal and monoclinic ZRO2 matrices
J NON-CRYST SOLIDS 181: (1-2) 49-57 FEB 1995
Kang ET, Neoh KG, Tan KL
Protonation and deprotonation of polyaniline films and powders revisited
SYNTHETIC MET 68: (2) 141-144 JAN 1995