SSL Seminar Series 2002 No.4
Title: Photoemission and absorption: Powerful surface-sensitive tools for magnetic information.
Speaker: Dr Gao Xingyu (Dept. of Physics, NUS)
March 26, 2002
Time: 5:00-6:00pm
Physics Resource Room (Blk S13 # 02-16)

The basic concepts of photoemission and absorption will be addressed. They are both powerful tools in the study of surface science with elemental-specificity and surface sensitivity. By combing the dichroism technique into photoemission and absorption, further unique magnetic information will be provided. The flexibility of dichroism in photoemission will be demonstrated by the angular dependence of dichroism in photoemission (MDAD) on Co/Cu(001) and Fe/Co/Cu(001), which shows it can even provide simultaneously magnetic and structural properties on the surface. The dichroism in absorption, besides being a tool to study electronic and magnetic information, can also be used as a mechanism for microscopy technique. The study of magnetic domains using photoemission electron microscopy shows that not only magnetic microscopic magnetic information with high spatial resolution but also quantitative information on magnetic orientation can be obtained. As a intrinsic technique to study electronic properties, the study of Co Fermi surface by photoemission from Co/Cu(001) will be presented, which is in good agreement with the theoretical calculations.