Customer-built multi-chamber UHV system with Omicron LT-STM, LEED and OMBD growth chamber  
  This UHV system is equipped with in-situ Omicron low-temperature scanning tunnelling microscopy (LT-STM, 5K-300K), and low-energy electron diffraction (LEED). The analysis chamber is connected with home-made organic-molecular-beam-deposition (OMBD) chamber mounted with more than five low-temperature Knudsen-cells for molecular deposition, an Omicron e-beam evaporator for metal deposition, and a Argon-sputtering gun for sample cleaning. The deposition rate can be monitored by quartz-crystal-microbalance (QCM) during deposition. The most interesting research opportunities that can be done in this system are as following:  
Single molecule experiment at 5K (L-He) including single molecule spectroscopies and manipulation of single atoms or molecules.
Self-assembled molecular nanostructure arrays on surface nanotemplates.
Organic heterojunctions.
Growth of metal, semiconductor and organic ultrathin films.
Investigation of surface reconstructions, superstructures and nanotemplates.



C60 triplet array