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Assoc. Prof. Meng-Chwan Tan

● M-theory, string theory, quantum field theory, and their deep implications for contemporary mathematics.

● Emergent spacetime in quantum theories of gravity.

Dr. Meer Ashwinkumar

● The physics and mathematics of superstrings and supersymmetric quantum field theories.
Dr. Lennart Schmidt

● Higher gauge theories and L algebras in M-theory.
Dr. Benjo Fraser

● Approaches to quantum gravity where the metric is a collective variable.

● Non-perturbative aspects of string and field theory.
Ms. HL Dao
● Gauged supergravity in various dimensions.

Mr. Kee-Seng Png
● Dualities in three-dimensional non-supersymmetric quantum field theories.

Mr. Zhi-Cong Ong
● Defects in quantum field theories.
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