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We are a group of researchers who delve into the studies of the physical properties of a wide variety of nanostructured materials, aiming to understand the dependence of the physical properties on the morphology, chemical stoichiometry, surface effect and nanostructure of the nanomaterials created. 

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Research Highlights:

2015: Microlandscaping of Au Nanoparticles on MoS2 thin films highlighted as cover image of Small

"Microlandscaping of Au Nanoparticles on Few-Layer MoS2 Films for Chemical Sensing", Small, 11, 1792-1800, 2015

Surface modification or decoration of ultrathin MoS2 films with chemical moieties is appealing since nanointerfacing can functionalize MoS2 films with bonus potentials. In this work, a facile and effective method for microlandscaping of Au nanoparticles (NPs) on few-layer MoS2 films is developed. This approach first employs a focused laser beam to premodify the MoS2 films to achieve active surface domains with unbound sulfur. When the activated surface is subsequently immersed in AuCl3 solution, Au NPs are found to preferentially decorate onto the modified regions. As a result, Au NPs can be selectively and locally anchored onto designated regions on the MoS2 surface. With a scanning laser beam, microlandscapes comprising of Au NPs decorated on laser-defined micropatterns are constructed. By varying the laser power, reaction time and thickness of the MoS2 films, the size and density of the NPs can be controlled. The resulting hybrid materials are demonstrated as efficient Raman active surfaces for the detection of aromatic molecules with high sensitivity.

2014: A simple, low cost laser technique to improve properties and functions of nanomaterials featured at NanoWerk

"Improved Photoelectrical Properties of MoS2 Films after Laser Micromachining", ACS Nano, 8, 6334, 2014

Direct patterning of ultrathin MoS2 films with well-defined structures and controllable thickness is appealing since the properties of MoS2 sheets are sensitive to the number of layer and surface properties. In this work, we employed a facile, effective, and well-controlled technique to achieve micropatterning of MoS2 films with a focused laser beam. We demonstrated that a direct focused laser beam irradiation was able to achieve localized modification and thinning of as-synthesized MoS2 films. With a scanning laser beam, microdomains with well-defined structures and controllable thickness were created on the same film. We found that laser modification altered the photoelectrical property of the MoS2 films, and subsequently, photodetectors with improved performance have been fabricated and demonstrated using laser modified films.

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