Web pages on Quantum Mechanics

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of web sites on quantum mechanics. Although many of the sites
deal with fairly elementary materials on quantum mechanics, some of the sites has fantastic java applets with excellent graphics. For hardworking students, there are several sites with lecture notes and homeworks.
I have not attempted to rank the sites and I have not enumerated them in order of relevance.

        An introduction to Quantum Mechanics with some commentaries on the hydrogen atom
            and group theory:

             Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
             Basics of Quantum Mechanics (with movies clips)
             Another link to introductory Quantum Mechanics (Utah)

        This site contains a light-hearted introduction to the ideas in quantum mechanics.
            You will have to download the  file and print it out.

        There are some wonderful sites with materials related to the foundation and philosophy of
            quantum mechanics. Some of these sites discuss fairly fundamental questions,
            e.g. What is Quantum Physics? What is quantum measurement? What is decoherence?

             What is quantum physics?     This link also provides some quantum physics
              resources available from the web.
             Why quantum mechanics?(UCSD)
             An FAQ on quantum measurement
             Technical papers on quantum mechanics This site contains papers on on Bohm theory
               and the many-world interpretation

        Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics:

             Introductory text 1
             Introductory text 2

         Visual Quantum Mechanics Shockwave Interactive Programs.
            This is a site with some applets on the following topics: Spectroscopy Lab Suite:
            Gas Lamps - Emission (68k), Absorption (68k) LEDs (72k) Lasers - Ruby Laser (71k),
            He-Ne Laser (56k), Diode Laser (62k) Luminsecence - IR Detector (110k),
            Fluorescence (63k), Phosphorescence (67k) ;Probability Illustrator (33k);
            Energy Band Creator (34k); Quantum Tunneling (20k); Spectrum Creator (15k)

         Quantum mechanics: numerical solutions of Schrödinger equation.
            Some materials on two dimensional scattering; one dimensional scattering;
            spin1/2 Stern-Gerlach experiment; Aharonov-Bohm Effects
             Applet programs by Hiromi Natori

Applications of Quantum Mechanics.

     The classical and quantum harmonic oscillator
      Coherent states  of 1-dimensional harmonic oscillator:
      Quantum Interference and the emission of radiation by atoms:

      Bell's Theorem and so forth:

        Sites with lecture notes and homework/assignments:

             Quantum Chemistry course at Brown:
                Lecture 1 , Lecture 2 , Lecture 3 , Lecture 4

             Concordia College, Moorhead MN:   Physics 429
             University of Tennesse  Physics  Course