Quantum Computing
Since March 1998, there is a regular discussion session on quantum computing every Friday at 5.00 pm.
The venue is the HEP lab at the Department of Physics, NUS.  Everybody is welcome to participate in
the informal discussions and talks. In order to keep the talks and discussions accessible to everyone, we
may give some elementary talks on the topic to general audience in the near future.  We will keep you
updated regarding the times and venues of these talks. If you are interested in this subject, we highly
recommend Preskill's marvelous lecture notes which is freely available through the web.

For more information, please send an email to: phyohch@nus.edu.sg 

For those who just wish to acquaint themselves with the subject, there are many articles and hyperlinks
to the subject.  These articles are usually meant for the general audience requiring little knowledge
of quantum mechanics.

     Quantum Computing with Molecules (Sci. Am., Jun. 98)
     The Stanford-Berkeley-MIT-IBM Quantum Computation Research Project
     Preskill's public lecture on quantum computing and information
     AIP Physics News Preview: No Information Without Representation
     A search on Physics News  Update yields the following reports:
                     Bulletin no 367
                     Bulletin no 350
                     Bulletin no 310
                     Bulletin no 293
    For more fun stuff, see Elementary Introduction to Quantum Computing

For those who are more adventurous.....

     Quantum computation: a tutorial by Samuel L. Braunstein
     Valerio Scarani's article on quantum computing (Submitted to Am.J.Phys.)

Some useful links on quantum computing:

        Oxford Quantum Computing and Crytography Group.
        Andrew Steane Group Home Page at Clarendon Laboratory   Clarendon Lab.

         Laboratory for Theoretical and Quantum Computing,University of Montreal

         The Physics of Quantum Information European Network, Austria.

         Quantum Optics and Atomic Optics Link at Macquarie University , Australia.
            This site has many useful hyperlinks to homepages of people working on
            quantum information and computation:

         An excellent list of websites on quantum computing can be found in this webpage:
            Stanford Quantum Computing Website
        Quantum information and quantum computation at IBM research. IBM
        Los Alamos Preprint Archive: quant-ph
        I. Chuang's Collection of Quantum Computation papers:   Ike Chuang's Webpage
        American Insititute of Physics ( AIP )
        UCLA Particle Beam Physics Laboratory
        Caltech Quantum Computing Group with Preskill's wonderful lecture notes