Thanks very much for your interest in our research group at the Department of Physics, NUS. We greatly enjoy looking into many fascinating aspects of quantum dynamics and the control of quantum dynamics. Long-term research programs include studies of quantum nonlinear dynamics, quantum control of atomic and molecular processes, quantum open systems, and toplogical phases of matter. Currently, we are primarily interested in

(1) exploring possibly new physics in periodically driven systems, especially on novel topological phases of matter and their dynamical manifestations,

(2) nanoscale thermodynamics, fluctuation theorems including their applications in the design of nanoscale heat engine and other energy devices,

(3) Control of quantum dynamics and applications in quantum simulation,

(4) fundamental aspects of quantum open systems, especially those related to active protection of quantum entanglement via driving fields, and

(5) foundational issues in quantum mechanics, such as quantum-classical correspondence and quantum chaos.

Some pictures from our publications in Physical Review Letters

This website was originally designed and maintained by my late wife Mdm Zhang Huairui (1970-2013), my constant inspiration.


May 2019 Welcome to our new research fellow Dr. Zhang Xizheng

Feb. 2019 Welcome to our new research fellow Dr. Jean Decamp

Aug. 2018 Congratulations to Longwen for moving to his academic position in China. Group had lunch together. Best wishes to Longwen.

July 2018 In 2018 our group has already published three papers in PRL.

July 2018 Congratulations to Raditya for getting his Ph.D and the Material Research Society Singapore Award.

Jan. 2018 Welcome to our new Ph.D students Tan Senmao and Muhammad Umer.

Sep. 2017 Welcome to our new research fellow Dr. Zhang Dajian.

Aug. 2017 Welcome to our new research fellow Dr. Li Linhu.

Feb. 2017 Prof. Gong was recognized by Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) with the World Scientific Award.

Jan. 2017 Welcome to our new Ph.D student Tianshi Xiong. Whole group had a successful outing together.

Jan. 2017 Prof. Gong won "outstanding scientist award" from Faculty of Science, NUS.

Jan. 2017 Prof. Gong won the NRF Investigatorship Award (class of 2017).

November 2016 Congratulations to Da Yang for his successful Ph.D thesis oral defense and his first job!

Octorber 2016 Welcome our visiting Ph.D student Patrick from University of Luxembourg!

September 2016 Congratulations to Gaoyang for his successful Ph.D thesis oral defense. Wish him all the best in the finanical sector.

August 2016 Mr. Mu Sen and Yap Han Hoe joined our group.

Jan 2016 Dr. Juan Jaramillo joined us as a postdoctoral fellow.

Dec 2015 Our own Ph.D graduate Longwen becomes a postdoctoral fellow in our group

August 2015 NGS student Jiawen joined our group.

May 2015 Dr. Gong secured MOE Tier-I funding on studies of topological phases of matter.

Apr. 2015 Dr. Gong secured MOE tier-II funding on studies of nano heat engines.

Jan. 2015 Mr. Raditya Weda Bomantara joined our group as a new Ph.D student.

Dec. 2014 Dr. Gong is promoted to Full Professor.

Dec. 2014 Congratulations to Yon Shin and Qifang for their successful Ph.D thesis oral defense.

June 2014 Congratulations to Derek, Hailong and Adam for their successful Ph.D thesis oral defense. Group went to botanic garden to celeberate.

July 2012
Derek Ho and Dr. Gong's finding on momentum space adiabatic transport is published in Physical Review Letters and highlighted as "Editor's Suggestion" .

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