Former Research Fellow
YOU Huijuan Research Fellow(13-17) Huazhong University of Science and Technology
ZHANG Xinghua Research Fellow(10-15) Professor in Wuhan University
CHEN Hu Research Fellow (06-13) Professor in Xiamen University
FU Hongxia Research Fellow (06-11) Post-doc in Harvard Medical School
FU Wenbo Research Fellow (07-11)
Former PhD
LEE Sin Yi Ph.D (12-17), Department of Physics Lab Administrator in NTU
LE Shimin Ph.D (10-16), Mechanobiology Institute Reseach fellow in Physics Department, NUS
YUAN Xin Ph.D (09-16), Mechanobiology Institute
YAO Mingxi Ph.D (09-14), Mechanobiology Institute Research Fellow in Mechanobiology Institute(Michael Sheetz Group)
CONG Peiwen Ph.D (09-15), Singapore-MIT Alliance
QU Yuanyuan Ph.D (09-13), Physics lecturer in Department of Physics, Shandong University
LIM Ci Ji Ph.D (07-13), NGS Postdoctoral Researcher in University of Colorado
LI You Ph.D (07-13), Physics Postdoctoral Researcher in King's College London
LIN Jie Ph.D (07-13), Physics Dinghai Investment Promotion Bureau Office Director
LIU Yingjie Ph.D (06-10), Physics Application Scientist in Bruker Corporation China
Former Master
QU Yujie Master (12-14), Physics
LI Yanan Master (10-12), Physics Key Client Management at A. P. Moller Maersk
Former Visiting Student
LIU Yanhui Visiting Student (07-08) Associate Professor in Guizhou University
XU Yue Visiting Student (11-13) Teacher in Beijing 101 Middle School
Former Research Assistant
WONG Weijuan Research Assistant (13-14) Research Associate in the Department of Advanced Bioimaging, Singhealth
LOW Yee Teck Research Assistant (10-12)
WHANG R. Yixun Research Assistant (10-12)
ZHAO Wenwen Research Assistant (12-13)
ZHU Xiaoying Research Assistant (11-12)
Former Undergraduate Student
ZHAO Chuyuan Final Year Project (13-14)
GUO Yingjian Undergraduate Researcher (13-14) Ph.D Candidate in Imperial College London
CHEN Zibo Final Year Project (12-13) Ph.D Candidate in University of Washington

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