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Project information

These guidelines are formatted for Final Year Projects (FYPs) starting in Week 1 of Semester 1 of each Academic Year, which is the normal timeline. For students who desire to start in Week 1 of Semester 2, analog guidelines hold.

These guidelines are indicative. Detailed instructions and reminders will be sent to the students and supervisors in due time.

Click here for a brief guidance about the final year physics honors project and evaluation criteria.

Selection and registration

  • It is the responsibility of the student to agree with a supervisor for a project by the end of Week 0 of their Honors year.
  • The student may contact any Faculty member. Once agreement with a supervisor is reached, the student notifies the coordinator.
  • The student is not supposed to start working actively on the specific project before Week 1. Previously acquired expertise and results (obtained e.g. during UROPS, internships etc.) constitute a welcome preparation for the Final Year Project.


Intermediate deadlines

  • The students will be divided in groups of five or six and will have to deliver, within the group, two intermediate oral presentations in the presence of their supervisors.
  • The first presentation is scheduled around Week 8 of Semester 1. It is meant to check that the students have understood the scope of their project. This presentation does not contribute to the grade.
  • The second presentation must takes place before the recess week of Semester 2, and is typically scheduled around Week 3 of that semester. At this stage, some results should start to appear. It will be graded by the supervisors present in the audience, the mark counting for 5% of the final mark.



  • A final written thesis must be submitted at the beginning of Week 12 of Semester 2.
  • The supervisor will grade the whole project and the thesis. This mark counts for 35% of the final mark.
  • In the days following the submission, each student will have a viva with two assessors. The mark given by each assessor counts for 20% of the final mark.
  • During Week 13, the students will deliver their final oral presentation in front of a panel of faculty members. The marks obtained during this evaluation count cumulatively for 20% of the final grade.


Requirements and Filling for Honours

For more information and queries on the honours project please contact:

Asst Prof MUKHERJEE, Manas

  • Email: phymukhe@nus.edu.sg
  • Office: S15-03-14C
  • Tel: +65 6516 7518

Lee Soo Mien

  • Email: phyleesm@nus.edu.sg
  • Office: Level 3 Lab, S13-03-14
  • Tel:+65 6516 4926