Cumulative Average Point (CAP)

Cumulative Average Point (CAP) Calculation

The CAP is the average grade point of all modules taken by a student, excluding modules read through Student Exchange Programmes or modules credited under Advanced Placement. It is used to track the progress of the student. The grade point for a module can be obtained from the grade which one has received using the following table:

Grade Cumulative Average Point (CAP)
A+ 5.0
A 5.0
A- 4.5
B+ 4.0
B 3.5
B- 3.0
C+ 2.5
C 2.0
D+ 1.5
D 1.0
F 0.0
IC (incomplete) NA
EXE (exempted) awarded when candidate is exempted from or given credit for the module NA
ABS (absent) NA
W (withdrawn) awarded when student drops the module within a week after the online registration NA


The Cumulative Average Point (CAP), which tracks the progress of the student, is the weighted average grade point of all the modules he/she takes. This does not include the following:

  1. Student Exchange Programme modules,
  2. Advanced Placement modules and
  3. English skills

The formula used for calculating the CAP is as follows:

CAP = Sum (module grade point x modular credits for the module) divided by Sum (modular credits)

For example, if you have taken 6 modules with the following grades:

Module ModularCredit (MC) Grade Grade Point
PC1133 4 A+ 5.0
IT1101 3 A 5.0
PC2133 4 A- 4.5
SCC1301 4 B+ 4.0
SCC2302 4 B 3.5
CZ1104 4 A 5.0


Your CAP is (5x4 + 5x3 + 4.5x4 + 4x4 + 3.5x4 + 5x4)/(4+3+4+4+4+4) = 103/23 = 4.48


* Note: The MC awarded to a module is based on its Your workload requirements, and is decided by the department that offers the module.

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