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Why Study Physics?

Physics is one of the most fundamental of all sciences, and is the basis of our scientific knowledge of the physical world. It seeks to explain the behaviour of matter, time and space in the universe and covers phenomena ranging from subnuclear interactions to cosmological events in the universe.

The NUS Physics Department has the primary objective of advancing knowledge of physics and training of qualified manpower needed by Singapore to acquire and develop an economy based on high technology. We intend to play a key role in the advancement of Singapore into a high-tech era.

Our department has excellent internationally recognized research strengths in several frontier areas including nanoscience, quantum information technology, optical and magnetic materials and biophysics. We provide a stimulating and exciting learning environment for all students who wish to major in physics. Our rigorously trained physics graduates will be able to embark on career paths in research and development (R & D) in the physical sciences, engineering and microelectronics industries, as well as education and training, government scientific services sectors and IT. The unique problem solving skills our graduates acquire will also enable them to work and succeed in commerce, banking and finance.

Physics Education in NUS
A media clip on Physics Education in National University of Singapore

For more information and queries on our programmes, please contact:

Prof Valerio Scarani, Deputy Head (Education)

  • Email:
  • Office: S15-03-14B
  • Tel: +65 6516 2813

Sng Wee Lee (Manager)

  • Email:
  • Office: General Office, S12-M01
  • Tel:+65 6516 2619

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