Modules Offered

Modules Offered in AY2019/2020

The information provided may be subjected to minor changes. Do check in regularly for updated information.


Level Code Module Semester 1 Semester 2 Special Term
GEMs COS2000 Computational thinking Lai Choy Heng, Ng Siow Yee Lai Choy Heng, Ng Siow Yee
GEH1013 Physics in the Life Sciences Duane Loh

GEH1018 A Brief History of Science
Thomas Osipowicz

GEH1027 Einstein's Universe & Quantum Weirdness
Phil Chan

GEH1028 The emerging nanoworld
Andrivo Rusydi

GEH1030 Science of Music Bernard Tan

GEH1032 Modern Technologies in Health & Medical Care Chan Taw Kuei Chan Taw Kuei

GEH1033 How the ocean works
Chammika Udalagama

GEH1034 Clean Energy and Storage Nidhi Sharma

GEH1035 Physical Questions in Everyday Life Ng Wei Khim Ng Wei Khim

GEQ 1000 Asking questions Phil Chan Phil Chan

GET1014 The Art of Science, the Science of Art
van der Maarel, Johan

GET1024 Radiation – Scientific Understanding and Public Perception
Chung Keng Yeow

GET1042 Sky and Telescopes Abel Yang Abel Yang

GET1043 Universe, Big Bang, and Unsolved Mysteries Cindy Ng

GEH1031 Understanding the Universe
Cindy Ng

Level Code Module Semester 1 Semester 2 Special Term
1000 PC1141 Physics I: Class Mech Wang Qinghai

PC1142 Physics II: Thermo & Optics Peter Ho

PC1143 Physics III: E&M
Kenneth Hong

PC1144 Physics IV: Modern
Dzmitry Matsukevich

PC1221 Fundamentals of Physics I Tay Seng Chuan Sharon Lim

PC1222 Fundamentals of Physics II Dzmitry Matsukevich Lydia Lam

PC1421 Physics for Life Sciences Wang Zhisong

PC1431 Physics IE Yeo Ye, Raditya Weda Bomantara Nidhi Sharma

PC1432 Physics IIE Nidhi Sharma Paul Lim, Tan Meng Chwan, Quek Su Ying

PC1433 Mechanics and Waves (ESP) Zhang Chun

Labs Engineering Wang Qinghai (coord) Wang Qinghai (coord)

Labs Physics Ng Siow Yee (coord) Ng Siow Yee (coord)

SP1201P Freshmen Seminars Nidhi Sharma, Liu Xiang Yang Andrivo Rusydi, Christian Miniatura

Level Code Module Semester 1 Semester 2 Special Term
2000 PC2020 E-m for Electrical Engineers Sow Chorng Haur, Yeo Ye Sow CH, Yeo Ye

PC2130 Quantum Mechanics I
Valerio Scarani

PC2130B Applied Quantum Physics (ESP)
Shen Lei (ESP)

PC2131 Electricity and Magnetism I Jose Carlos Viana Gomes

PC2132 Classical Mechanics Yeo Ye

PC2133 Applied Solid State Physics (ESP)
Jeroen Van Kan & Ho Ghim Wei (ESP)

PC2134 Mathematical Methods in Physics Kenneth Hong Kenneth Hong

PC2193 Experimental Physics I Wang Xuesen (coord) Wang Xuesen (coord)

PC2230 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
Loh Huanqian

PC2267 Biophysics I Garaj, Slaven & Mirsaidov, Utkur

Labs biophysics Vd Maarel (coord), Wang Z, Garaj, Mirsaidov Vd Maarel (coord), Wang Z, Garaj, Mirsaidov

SP2251 Science at the Nanoscale
A Wee & Chin W S (Chem)

Level Code Module Semester 1 Semester 2 Special Term
3000 PC3130 Quantum Mechanics II Travis Nicholson
Ng Wei Khim

PC3193 Experimental Physics II Tok Eng Soon (coord) Tok Eng Soon (coord)

PC3231 Electricity and Magnetism II Lim Hock Siah

PC3232 Nuclear and Particle Physics Ng Wei Khim

PC3232B Applied Nuclear Physics
Chan Taw Kuei, Ng Wei Khim

PC3233 Atomic and Molecular Physics I
Kai Dieckmann

PC3235 Solid State Physics I Goki Eda

PC3236 Computational Methods in Physics
Lim Hock Siah

PC3238 Fluid Dynamics
Lim Hock

PC3242 Physics of Semiconductor Processing (TBC) Jeroen Van Kan, Ho Ghim Wei

PC3243 Photonics
Ji Wei

PC3246 Astrophysics I
Cindy Ng

PC3247 Modern Optics Ji Wei

PC3251 Nanophysics

PC3267 Biophysics II
Wang Zhisong

PC3274 Mathematical Methods in Physics II
Edward Teo

PC3294 Radiation Lab Chan Taw Kuei Chan Taw Kuei

Level Code Module Semester 1 Semester 2 Special Term
4000 PC4228 Device Physics for Quantum Technologies
Alex Ling

PC4230 Quantum Mechanics III Gong Jiangbin

PC4236 Computational Condensed Matter Physics Quek Su Ying

PC4240 Solid State Physics II Sow Chorng Haur

PC4241 Statistical Mechanics George Batrouni

PC4242 Electrodynamics
Wang Qinghai

PC4243 Atomic and Molecular Physics II
Murray Barrett

PC4245 Particle Physics
Oh Choo Hiap

PC4246 Quantum Optics Mukherjee, Manas

PC4248 General Relativity Kenneth Hong

PC4249 Astrophysics II Thomas Osipowicz, Abel Yang

PC4253 Thin Film Technology
Wang Xuesen

PC4262 Remote Sensing
Liew Soo Chin

PC4267 Biophysics III Johan Van Der Maarel

PC4274 Mathematical Methods in Physics III
Kuldip Singh

Level Code Module Semester 1 Semester 2 Special Term
5000 PC5198 Graduate Seminar Module in Physics
Thomas Osipowicz

PC5201 Advanced Quantum Mechanics Edward Teo

PC5202 Advanced Statistical Mechanics
Wang Jian Sheng

PC5204 Special Topics in Physics: Magnetic Materials and Applications Ramanathan, Mahendiran

PC5204A Special Topics in Physics: Soft Materials and Flexible Devices
Liu Xiang Yang

PC5204B Special Topics in Physics: Analytic Approximations Wang Qinghai

PC5205 Topics in Surface Physics Wang Xuesen

PC5206 Selected Topics in Quantum Field Theory
Wang Qinghai

PC5209 Accelerator Based Materials Characterisation Chan Taw Kuei

PC5210 Advanced Dynamics
Gong Jiangbin

PC5212 Physics of Nanostructures
Feng Yuan Ping

PC5213 Advanced Biophysics
Yan Jie, Artem Efremov

PC5214 Principles of Experimental Physics
Christian Kurtsiefer

PC5215 Numerical Recipes with Applications Wang Jian Sheng

PC5216 Advanced Atomic and Molecular Physics Kai Dieckmann

PC5228 Quantum Information and Computation Dagomir Kaszlikowksi

PC5239A Special Problems in Physics: Variational techniques (TBC)
Berge Englert

PC5247 Photonics II
Li Wenhui