Prospective Undergraduates (Minor Degree Programmes)

Minor in Optical and Semiconductor Technology

This minor comprises modules related to the fundamentals of optics and semiconductors. It is aimed at familiarizing students with both the physics and the processing of semiconductor and photonic devices. It would be especially useful for preparing students for employment in the microelectronics and optical industry.

To be awarded a minor in Optical & Semiconductor Technology, a student must pass the following six modules:

  1. PC1143 Physics III or PC1432/PC1432X Physics IIE
  2. PC2131 Electricity and Magnetism I or EE2005 Electronics
  3. PC3247 Modern Optics
  4. PC3243 Photonics
  5. PC3241 Solid State Devices or EE2004 Electronic Devices
  6. PC3242 Physics of Semiconductor Processing

This minor is not awarded with the primary major in Physics or Physics (with specialisations in Astrophysics or Physics in Technology) and second major in Physics.

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