One degree, many opportunities – Our graduates employed in key industries

Since 1929, we have produced scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders in many diverse industries who drive Singapore’s growth. Many of our alumni have made important contributions in their respective fields. Our graduates are employed in various high growth and high impact industries.

Many of these industries are key pillars driving Singapore’s economy e.g. Engineering, Healthcare, Information Technology, Microelectronics, Physics Sciences, Scientific Services, Semiconductors, Clean Technology, Research & Development, Education, Financial Sector and Data Science.

The NUS Physics programme provides you a solid foundation covering core topics such as Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Electromagnetism, Nanophysics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Condensed Matter Physics, Thermodynamics and relevant mathematical methods. You can also choose to specialize in either Astrophysics or Nanophysics as you advance further in your study.

Through the programme, you will gain sound practical knowledge in the use of technical equipment for planning and executing experiments, advanced numeracy and mathematical literacy, as well as good reasoning skills. Upon graduation, you will be highly proficient in problem-solving, handling complex ideas and formulating solutions creatively. The range of skills acquired can be applied in both scientific and non-technical domains, in the areas of research & development, information technology, engineering and commerce.

Career Opportunities

Physics Degrees prepares you for a wide range of careers:

Aerospace Analyst,  Engineer, Geophysicist, Medical & Radiation Physicist, Medical Technologist, Meteorological Officer, Microelectronics, Quality Engineer, Research Officer, Scientific Journalist, Scientific Officer, Software Engineer, Information System Officer and many others.

We are proud to feature some of our young and illustrious alumni here.


Hear from our Alumni ...

Admission no. 3

 " When I was appointed a grassroots advisor, I had virtually no experience. My NUS Science training equipped me to swiftly adapt to new environments. My varied career paths in Physics, Mathematics, information science, public administration and consulting, over the last 16 years is proof that the possibilities for Science graduates are limitless. "

Dr Intan Azura Bte MOKHTAR
Chief Operating Officer, Leeds HR Group
Member of Parliament, Ang Mo Kio GRC
B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physics, Class of 1998, Postgraduate Diploma in Education (1999), NTU, M.Sc. & Ph.D. in Information Studies (2003, 2008), NTU & Master in Public Administration (2008), NUS




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