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Physics China Immersion Programme

With its immense economic growth in the past decade, China is posed to become one of the major powerhouses in both industrial output and economic influence. Meanwhile, Chinese universities and research institutions are also undergoing a major transformation, putting strong emphasis on infrastructure building, basic research, manpower training as well as technology transfer.

The "China Immersion Program" is to serve as a platform based on the establishment of educational and entrepreneurial networking with China through student exchanges and visits to provide Physics students with:

  • Living experience in a research environment and enterprising activities in the Chinese Universities based upon the understanding of Chinese culture and history;
  • Experience in China associated with life/nano sciences and technologies; and
  • Connection with Chinese students.

The program was implemented from 14th May to 29th May, 2007 for the first time, will continue in the years to come. The 16-day 2007 immersion programme was well received by the students. In particular for Singaporean students, the program provides them with a unique opportunity to get in contact with Chinese culture, history, education and to establish their personal contacts with Chinese students.

According to the students feedbacks, this is a complete new experience, which they have ever had. After this program, most students have realized that their previous views and knowledge in China, Chinese language, culture, history, and Chinese students are narrow and limited. Most students agreed that they benefit tremendously from this program and wish we can continue this program in the years to come.

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Prof Liu Xiang Yang

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