Prospective Undergraduates (Major Programmes)

Second Major in Physics

The Department of Physics offers a Second Major in Physics which comprises of modules related to the fundamentals of physics as well as its applications. It is open to students with an GCE 'A' Level or H2 pass in Physics or equivalent, who are interested in widening their intellectual horizons or would like to better prepare themselves for future careers.

The second major is not offered with a primary major in Physics or 'Physics and Life Sciences' and minor in Optical and Semiconductor Technology or Physics.

To be awarded a Second Major in Physics, candidates must satisfy the following:

Module Level 2nd Major Requirements Cumulative Major MCs
Level-1000 (16 MCs) Pass in
  • PC1141 Introduction to Classical Mechanics
  • PC1142 Introduction to Thermodynamics and Optics
  • PC1143 Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism
  • PC1144 Introduction to Modern Physics
Level-2000 (16 MCs) Pass in
  • PC2130 Quantum Mechanics I
  • PC2131 Electricity and Magnetism I
  • PC2193 Experimental Physics I
Any one from the following
  • PC2132 Classical Mechanics
  • PC2134 Mathematical Methods in Physics I
  • PC2230 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
Level-3000 (16 MCs) Pass any four from the following
  • PC3130 Quantum Mechanics II
  • PC3193 Experimental Physics II
  • All PC32XX and PC42XX modules that can be used to fulfil the requirements for the Major Programme in Physics.

This second major is not offered with a primary major in Physics and minor in Optical & Semiconductor Technology or Physics.

Note: Level-4000 PC prefixed modules may be taken to replace up to 8 MCs of the Level-3000 PC elective modules above.

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