Wang Zhisong

Dr. rer. nat., University of Tuebingen, Germany (1998)

Associate Professor
Office : S16-07-07  |  Tel : (65) 6516 2606
Email : phywangz@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Bioinspired artificial nanomotors

  • Motor protein biophysics

Selected Publications

  1. M. Liu, J. Cheng, S. R. Tee, S. Sreelatha, I.Y. Loh, Z.S. Wang,"Biomimietic Autonomous Enzymatic Nanowalker of High Fuel Efficiency", ACS Nano 10, 5882 (2016).

  2. I.Y. Loh, J. Cheng, S.R. Tee, A. Efremov, and Z.S. Wang, “From Bistate Molecular Switches to Self- Directed Track-Walking Nanomotors”, ACS Nano 10, 10293 (2014).

  3. M. Liu, R. Hou, J. Cheng, I.Y. Loh, S. Sreelatha, J.N. Tey, J. Wei, and Z.S. Wang, “Autonomous Synergic Control of Nanomotors”, ACS Nano 8, 1792 (2014).

  4. Z.S. Wang, R. Hou, and A. Efremov, “Directional fidelity of nanoscale motors and particles is limited by the 2nd law of thermodynamics—Via a universal equality”, J. Chem. Phys. 139, 035105 (2013).

  5. J. Cheng, S. Sreelatha, R. Hou, A. Efremov, R. Liu, J.R.C. van der Maarel, and Z.S. Wang, “Bipedal nanowalker by pure physical mechanisms”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 238104 (2012).

  6. Z.S. Wang, “Synergic mechanism and fabrication target for bipedal nanomotors”, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 104, 17921 (2007).