PhD, Imperial College, London, UK (1998)

Office : S15-03-08  |  Tel : (65) 6516 5874
Email : phyvv@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Many body entanglement

  • Geometrical phases and quantum computation

  • Generalised entropies in information theory and physics

  • Cluster state quantum computation

Selected Publications

  1. "Classical, quantum and total correlations", Henderson, L; Vedral, V, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS A-MATHEMATICAL AND GENERAL, SEP 7 2001.

  2. "Quantifying entanglement", Vedral, V; Plenio, MB; Rippin, MA; Knight, PL, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, MAR 24 1997

  3. "Entanglement measures and purification procedures", Vedral, V; Plenio, MB, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, MAR 1998

  4. "Experimental one-way quantum computing", Walther, P; Resch, KJ; Rudolph, T; Schenck, E; Weinfurter, H; Vedral, V; Aspelmeyer, M; Zeilinger, A, NATURE, MAR 10 2005

  5. “Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Nonzero Quantum Discord", Dakic, Borivoje; Vedral, Vlatko; Brukner, Caslav, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS,NOV 2 2010

  6. "Natural thermal and magnetic entanglement in the 1D Heisenberg model", Arnesen, MC; Bose, S; Vedral, V, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, JUL 2 2001

  7. "Geometric quantum computation using nuclear magnetic resonance", Jones, JA; Vedral, V; Ekert, A; Castagnoli, G, NATURE, FEB 24 2000

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