Utkur Mirziyodovich MIRSAIDOV

PhD in Physics, University of Texas, Austin, USA (2005)

Associate Professor
Office : Blk S1A, #02-01
Email : mirsaidov@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

Our experimental group uses advanced nanofabrication and Electron Microscopy techniques to explore material and devices properties at nanoscale. Our main research directions are:

  • Synthesis of new materials
  • Discovery of new pathways in material synthesis
  • Self-assembly of nanostructures
  • Fabrication of nanoscale devices for next generation microelectronic devices
  • Development of new in situ Electron Microscopy techniques.

Nucleation of nanocrystals in solution

Selected Publications

  1. S. F. Tan, S. Raj, G. Bisht, H. Annadata, C. Nijhuis, P. Kral, U. Mirsaidov, "Nanoparticle Interactions Guided by Shape-Dependent Hydrophobic Forces." Advanced Materials (2018). DOI: 10.1002/adma.201707077

  2. D. Loh, S. Soumyo, M. Bosman, S.-F. Tan, C. A. Nijhuis, P. Král, P. Matsudaira, U. Mirsaidov, “Multi-step Nucleation of Nanocrystals.” Nature Chemistry 9, 77-82 (2017).

  3. S. W. Chee, S. F. Tan, Z. Baraissov, M. Bosman, U. Mirsaidov, "Direct Observation of the Nanoscale Kirkendall Effect During Galvanic Replacement Reactions" Nature Communications 8, 1224 (2017).

  4. E. Miele, S. Raj, Zh. Baraissov, P. Kral, U. Mirsaidov, "Dynamics of Templated Assembly of Nanoparticle Filaments within Nanochannels." Advanced Materials 29 (37), 1702682 (2017).

  5. S. F. Tan, U. Anand, and U. Mirsaidov, "Interactions and Attachment Pathways between Functionalized Gold Nanorods." ACS Nano 11 (2), 1633-1640 (2017).

  6. Z. Aabdin, X. M. Xu, S. Sen, U. Anand, P. Kral, F. Holsteyns, U. Mirsaidov, "Transient Clustering of Reaction Intermediates During Wet Etching of Silicon Nanostructures." Nano Lett. 17 (5), 2953-2958 (2017).

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