SOW Chorng Haur

PhD, University of Chicago, USA (1998)

Professor, Head of Department
Office : S12-02-19  |  Tel : (65) 6516 2957
Email : physowch@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Studies of hybrid nanostructured functional materials and their unique electrical, optical and mechanical properties.

  • Investigation of potential applications of these nanostructured materials as field emitter, photo‐sensor, transistor, etc.

Selected Publications

  1. JP. Lu, J. Wu, A. Carvalho, A. Ziletti, HW. Liu, JY. Tan, YF. Chen, AHC Castro Neto, B. Ozyilmaz, CH. Sow  “Bandgap Engineering of Phosphorene by Laser Oxidation toward Functional 2D Materials” ACS Nano 9, 10411 (2015)

  2. JP. Lu, A. Carvalho, XK. Chan, HW. Liu, B. Liu,  ES. Tok, KP. Loh, AHC Castro Neto, CH. Sow, “Atomic Healing of Defects in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides”,  Nano Lett. 15, 3524 (2015)

  3. JP. Lu, JH. Lu, HW. Liu, B. Liu, LL. Gong, ES. Tok. KP. Loh, CH. Sow, “Microlandscaping of Au Nanoparticles on Few-Layer MoS2 Films for Chemical Sensing”, Small 11, 1792 (2015) (Coverpage highlight)

  4. YR Choi, MR Zheng, F. Bai, JJ Liu, ES Tok, ZF Huang, CH Sow, “Laser-induced Greenish-Blue Photoluminescence of Mesoporous Silicon Nanowires”,  Scientific Reports 4, 4940, (2014)

  5. J.P. Lu, J.H. Lu, H.W. Liu, B. Liu, KX. Chan, JD. Lin, W. Chen, KP. Loh, CH Sow, “Improved Photoelectrical Properties of MoS2 Films after Laser Micromachining” ACS Nano 8, 6334 (2014)

  6. JP. Lu, X. Lim, MR Zheng, SG Mhaisalkar, CH Sow, “Direct Laser Pruning of CdSxSe1-x Nanobelts en Route to a Multicolored Pattern with Controlled Functionalities” ACS Nano 6, 8298 (2012)

  7. “Reduced Graphene Oxide Conjugated Cu2O Nanowire Mesocrystals for High-Performance NO2 Gas Sensor” S. Deng, V. Tjoa, HM. Fan, HR Tan, DC Sayle, M Olivo, SG Mhaisalkar, J Wei, CH Sow, JACS 134, 4905 (2012) (Cover image for Nano Today)

  8. KY Lim, CH Sow, JY Lin, FC Cheong, ZX Shen, JTL Thong, KC Chin, ATS Wee,  “Laser pruning of carbon nanotubes as a route to static and movable structures”, Adv. Mater 15, 300 (2003) (Coverpage highlight)

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