Anthony J. LEGGETT

DPhil, University of Oxford, UK (1964)

Distinguished Visiting Professor

Email : phylaj@nus.edu.sg or aleggett@illinois.edu

Current Research

  • Aspects of Cuprate Superconductivity

  • Experimentally Oriented Studies of Basic Conceptual Issues in the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

  • Superfluidity and Phase Coherence in Very Degenerate Atomic Gases

Selected Publications

  1. A. J. Leggett, A. Reiss, J. C. Mather, D. Wineland. Physics for the Curious: Why Study Physics (ebook 2016)

  2. Universal sound absorption in amorphous solids:a theory of elastically coupled generic blocks (with D.C.Vural),J.Noncrystalline Solids 357,3528 (2011).

  3. Universal properties of the ultracold Fermi gas,(with S-Z.Zhang), Phys.Rev.A 79,023601 (2009).

  4. Realism and the physical world,Reps.Prog.Phys.71,022001 (2008).

  5. How far do EPR-Bell experiments constrain physical collapse theories? J.Phys.A 40,3141 (2007).

  6. Some thoughts about two-dimensionality and cuprate superconductivity, J.of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 19,187 (2006).

  7. The quantum measurement problem. Science 307, 871-872 (2005).

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