PhD, National University of Singapore (2013)

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Email : phyfeng@nus.edu.sg or fengl@ihpc.a-star.edu.sg

Current Research

Complex Networks and critical phase transitions

  • Cascading phenomenon in multiplex network theories.
  • Spreading/resilience on social/economic networks.
  • Criticality on Deep Learning networks.

Selected Publications

  1. S Ma, L Feng*, C P Monterola, C H Lai, Importance of small degree nodes in Assortative Network with Degree-Weight Correlations, Physical Review E (2017) 96.042308.

  2. X Zhang, L Feng*, Y Berman, N Hu, H E Stanley, Exacerbated Vulnerability of Coupled Socio-Economic Risk in Complex Networks, Europhysics Letters 116.1 (2016): 18001.

  3. L Feng, C P Monterola, Y Hu, The simplified self-consistent probabilities method for percolation and its application to interdependent networks, New Journal of Physics 17.6 (2015): 063025.

  4. L Feng, Y Hu, B Li, H. E Stanley, S Havlin, L A. Braunstein, Competing for Attention in Social Media under Information Overload Conditions, PLoS One, PLoS ONE 10(7): e0126090, (2015).

  5. B Podobnik, D Horvatic, M A Bertella, L Feng, X Huang, and B Li, Systemic Risk in Dynamical Networks with Stochastic Failure Criterion, European Physics Letters, 106 (6), 2014.

  6. L Feng, B Li, B Podobnik, T Preis, H E Stanley, Linking Agent-based Models and Stochastic Models of Financial Markets. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 109(22), 2012.

Affiliations & Links

  • Scientist, Institute of High Performance Computing (A*STAR)