Cindy NG Shao Chin

PhD, University of Adelaide, Australia (2002)

Senior Lecturer
Office : S13-02-06  |  Tel : (65) 6516 2822
Email : phynsc@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Dark energy models: scalar field, quintessence, modified gravity theories, braneworld model, teleparallel gravity, f(T), f(R)
  • Testing models with observational data: supernovae, baryon acoustic oscillation, CMB, etc.
  • Cosmography
  • Education: visualization tools

Left: Joint confidence-level plot for the cosmographic parameters, using the data from various astrophysical observations
Right: Image from the animation created to explain the formation of the Solar System

Selected Publications

  1. K.F. Ng and S.C. Cindy Ng, "The DGP model revisited", Proceedings of the Conference in Honour of the 90th Birthday of Freeman Dyson: pp. 452-457 (2014).

  2. Cosmological Model with a Local Void: New Supernova Constraints, Ho Le Tuan Anh, Shao Chin Cindy Ng, Int.J.Mod.Phys.A24:3531-3537 (2009) [arXiv:0907.3578]

  3. Gravitational Energy as Dark Energy: Concordance of Cosmological Tests, Ben M. Leith, S.C.Cindy Ng, David L. Wiltshire, Astrophys.J.672:L91-L94 (2008) [arXiv:0709.2535]

  4. S.C.C. Ng, N.J. Nunes, F. Rosati, "Applications of scalar attractor solutions to Cosmology", Phys. Rev. D64, 083510 (2001)