Lay-Lay CHUA

PhD, University of Cambridge, UK (2008)

Associate Professor
Office : S7-03-08  |  Tel : (65) 6516 4834
Email : phycll or chmcll@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Materials development for high-performance organic electronic devices, such as photocrosslinkers and injection layers.

  • Structure–morphology–property relations of pi-conjugated semiconducting materials.

  • Functionalization and development of new applications for solution-processable graphenes.

  • Transfer method and development of new applications for CVD graphenes.

Left:concept of self-compensated doped polymer. Middle: self-aligned polyelectrolyte counterion monolayer methodology Right: sterically-hindered bis(fluorinated phenyl azides) photocrosslinkers (sFPA).

Selected Publications

  1. F.Y. Kam, R.Q. Png. M.C.Y. Ang, P. Kumar, K Rubi, R. Mahendiran, O. Solomeshch, N. Tessler, G.K. Lim, L.L. Chua, P.K.H. Ho, “Solution-processed 2-dimensional hole-doped ionic graphene compounds”, Mater. Horizons 3, 456 (2017).

  2. W.L. Seah, C.G. Tang, R.Q. Png, V. Keerthi, C. Zhao, H. Guo, J.G. Yang, M. Zhou, P.K.H. Ho, L.L. Chua, “Interface doping for organic semiconductor contacts using self-aligned polyelectrolyte counterion monolayer”, Adv. Funct. Mater. 27, 1606291 (2017).

  3. C.G. Tang, M.C.Y. Ang, K.K. Choo, V. Keerthi, J.K. Tan, M. Nur Syafiqah, T. Kugler, J.H. Burroughes, R.Q. Png, L.L. Chua, P.K.H. Ho, “Doped polymer semiconductors with ultrahigh and ultralow work functions for ohmic contact”, Nature 539, 536 (2016).

  4. J. Song, F.Y. Kam, R.Q. Png, W.L. Seah, J.M. Zhuo, G.K. Lim, P.K.H. Ho, and L.L. Chua, “A general method for transferring graphene onto soft surfaces”, Nat. Nanotechnol. 8, 356 (2013).

  5. G.K. Lim, Z.L. Chen, J. Clark, R.G.S. Goh, W.H. Ng, H.W. Tan, R.H. Friend, P.K.H. Ho, and L.L. Chua, “Giant broadband nonlinear optical absorption reponse in dispersed graphene single sheets”, Nat. Photonics 5, 554 (2011).

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