LEE Ching Hua

PhD in theoretical physics from Stanford University (2015)

Assistant Professor
Email : phylch@nus.edu.sg or calvin-lee@ihpc.a-star.edu.sg

Current Research

Synthetic and non-equilibrium topological matter

Topological signatures are widespread in various synthetic topological metamaterials and non-equilibrium setups, with potential applications in photonics and electronics. My specific directions include:

  • topological circuits and their robust topolectrical resonances
  • non-Hermitian and Floquet dynamics
  • topological photonics and mechanics
  • topology of non-linear dynamics

Strongly correlated electronic systems

My research also explores the intriguing interplay of energetics and topology on strongly interacting electrons. Current directions include:

  • realization of non-abelian fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states
  • topological quantum computing
  • holography and conformal field theory
  • fractional Chern insulators

Selected Publications

  1. Stefan Imhof, Ching Hua Lee et. al, Topolectrical-circuit realization of topological corner modes, Nature Physics 14 (9), 925 (2018)

  2. Ching Hua Lee, Wenwei Ho, Bo Yang, Jiangbin Gong and Zlatko Papić, Floquet mechanism for non-Abelian fractional quantum hall states, Physical review letters 121 (23), 237401 (2018)

  3. Tobias Hofmann, Ching Hua Lee et. al, Chiral Voltage Propagation and Calibration in a Topolectrical Chern Circuit, Physical Review Letters 122 (24), 247702 (2019)

  4. Ching Hua Lee, Ronny Thomale et. al, Topolectrical Circuits, Communications Physics 1, 39 (2018)

  5. You Wang, Ching Hua Lee et. al, Topologically enhanced harmonic generation in a nonlinear transmission line metamaterial, Nature communications 10 (1), 1102 (2019)

  6. Bo Yang, Zi-Xiang Hu, Ching Hua Lee and Zlatko Papic, Generalized Pseudopotentials for the Anisotropic Fractional Quantum Hall Effect. Physical Review Letters 118 (14), 146403 Editor's suggestion (2017)

  7. Ching Hua Lee, Zlatko Papic and Ronny Thomale, Geometric construction of Quantum Hall clustering Hamiltonians, Physical Review X 5 (4), 041003 (2015)

  8. Ching Hua Lee and Ronny Thomale, Anatomy of skin modes and topology in non-Hermitian systems, Physical Review B (Rapid Comm) 99 (20), 201103 (2019)

  9. Martin Claassen, Ching Hua Lee, Ronny Thomale, Xiao-Liang Qi, Thomas P. Devereaux, Position-Momentum Duality and Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Chern Insulators. Physical Review Letters 114, 236802 Editor's suggestion (2015)

  10. Ching Hua Lee and Andrew Lucas, Simple model for Multiple-choice Collective Decision Making. Physical Review E 90, 052804 Editor's suggestion (2014)

Affiliations & Links

  • Scientist, Institute of High Performance Computing (A*STAR)