PhD, National University of Singapore (2004)

Professor (Dean's Chair)
Office : S5-05-07  |  Tel : (65) 6516 2921
Email : phycw@nus.edu.sg or chmcw@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Molecular-level interface engineering for organic electronic devices, organic photovoltaic cells, 2D-materials and nanostructured materials;

  • Rational design of self-assembled molecular nanostructure arrays over macroscopic area with superior multi-functionalities for molecular nano-devices;

  • Interface-controlled nanocatalysis for energy and environmental research.

Surface Transfer Doping Induced Effective Modulation on Ambipolar Characteristics of Few-layer Black Phosphorus

Selected Publications

  1. “Water-Catalyzed Oxidation of Few-Layer Black Phosphorous in Dark Environment” Hu ZH, Li Q, Lei B, Zhou QH, Xiang D, Lyu ZY, Hu F, Wang JL, Ren YJ, Guo R, Goki E, Wang L, Han C*, Wang JL*, Chen Wei* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 56, 9131-9137 (2017)

  2. “Surface Functionalization of Black Phosphorus via Potassium towards High Performance Complementary Devices” Han C, Hu ZH, C. Gromes L, Bao Y, Carvalho A, Tan SJR, Lei B, Xiang D, Wu J, Wang L, Huo FW, Huang W, Loh KP, Chen Wei*, Nano Letter 17, 4122-4129 (2017)

  3. “Growth of quasi-free-standing single layer blue phosphorus on Tellurium monolayer functionalized Au(111)” Gu CD, Zhao ST, Zhang JL, Sun S, Yuan KD, Hu ZH, Han C, Ma ZR, Wang L, Huo FW, Huang W, Li ZY*, Chen Wei*, ACS Nano 11, 4943–4949 (2017)

  4. "Epitaxial Growth of Single Layer Blue Phosphorene: A New Phase of Two-Dimensional Phosphorus" Zhang JL, Zhao ST, Han C, Wang ZZ, Zhong S, Sun S, Guo R, Zhou X, Gu CD, Yuan KD, Li ZY*, Chen Wei*", Nano Letter 16, 4903-4908 (2016)

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