PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia (2000)

Associate Professor
Office : S12-02-18  |  Tel : (65) 6516 4138
Email : phybaa@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Optics and Photonics
    • Ion beam modification of materials for applications in micro/nanophotonics.
    • Terhertz spectroscopy and optics - Application in metamaterials.
    • Active plasmonics, loss mitigation in micro-optical systems, enhancement of light emission using plasmonics.
    • Mid-IR optics, passive and active devices for biosensing.

  • Nuclear Microscopy and Radiobiology

    • Proton induced fluorescence microscopy in biological systems - Super-resolution imaging.
    • Radiation effects in single live cells - Applications in cancer treatment using particle therapy.
    • Development of diamond based radiation hard particle detectors, delta-E detectors using thin membranes, radiation dosimetry.

Helical chiral metamaterials structures fabricated in SU-8 using two photon lithography.

Selected Publications

  1. Chengyuan Yang, Andrew A. Bettiol, Yi Shi, Michel Bosman, Hui Ru Tan, Wei Peng Goh, Jing Hua Teng and Ee Jin Teo, Fast electrical modulation in a plasmonic-enhanced V-pit textured light emitting diode Advanced Optical Materials 3 (12) (2015) 1703-1709

  2. Zhaohong Mi, Yuhai Zhang, Sudheer Kumar Vanga, Ce-Belle Chen, Hong Qi Tan, Frank Watt, Xiaogang Liu and Andrew A. Bettiol, Subwavelength imaging through ion-beam-induced upconversion, Nature Communications 6 (2015), Article number: 8832

  3. Ee Jin Teo, Noriaki Toyoda, Chengyuan Yang, Bing Wang, Nan Zhang, Andrew Anthony Bettiol, and Jinghua Teng, Sub-30 nm thick plasmonic films and structures with ultralow loss, Nanoscale 6 (6) (2014) 3243-3249

  4. Yuanjun Yan, Li Fang Ng, Li Theng Ng, Kwan Bum Choi, Jan Gruber, Andrew A. Bettiol and Nitish V. Thakor, A continuous-flow C. elegans sorting system with integrated optical fiber detection and laminar flow switching, Lab on a Chip 14 (2014) 4000-4006

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