Research Groups - Advanced Materials, Nanomaterials & Technology

2D Materials

  • Graphene, disordered magnetic systems, strongly correlated systems (Antonio CASTRO-NETO)
  • Graphene: nanostructure, transistors, biomedical devices (Barbaros OZYILMAZ)
  • Light-matter interaction, excitons, charge transport, thin film growth (Goki EDA)

Surface Science

  • Surface science, STM, heterojunctions, nanomaterials (Andrew WEE)
  • Self-assembly, interface engineering (Chen WEI)
  • Surface & interface of semiconducting materials (TOK Eng Soon)
  • STM & STS, topological insulators, self-assembly (WANG Xuesen)

Oxides: Superconductivity, Oxide thin films, Magnetic materials

  • Heterostructure, superlattices & quantum wells (Ariando)
  • Correlated electron system, synchrotron-based characterisation (Andrivo RUSYDI)
  • Oxides, ferroelectrics, GMR materials (R MAHENDIRAN)
  • Oxide electronics, ion-beam imaging and fabrication (Venky VENKATESAN)

Nanostructures, Energy

  • Hybrid nanostructured materials (SOW Chorng Haur)
  • Spin & acoustic dynamics; magphonic, magnonic, phononic crystals; ferroelectric/ ferroelastic phase transitions; laser spectroscopy (KUOK Meng Hau)
  • Advance Functional Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion, X-ray diffraction and other Spectroscopy techniques (M. V. Reddy)


Organic Semiconductors: Organic electronic devices

  • Organic light-emitting diodes, transistors, solar cells (Peter HO)
  • Organic solar cells, polymer heterostructures (CHUA Lay Lay)

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