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Making quantum cryptography truly secure

In a recent paper published in Nature Communications, researchers in Singapore and Norway described the first full field-implemented hack of a Quantum key distribution system, in which an eavesdropper acquired a full secret "key" without being noticed.

Cooling computers – the quantum physics way

Prof Renato Renner of ETH Zurich Institute for Theoretical Physics and Prof Vlatko Vedral of the NUS Centre for Quantum Technologies and the University of Oxford, UK, and other physicists in their research team found that the deletion of data under certain conditions can create a cooling effect instead of generating heat.

Making the connection between Physics and Mathematics

The deep connection between the fields of Physics and Mathematics has been a long-standing one, and Dr Tan Meng Chwan, NUS Department of Physics, has discovered yet another far-reaching link between the two fields.

Discovering the coolest spot on the Equator

Investigators at the CQT laboratories have successfully accomplished the Bose-Einstein condensation, in which a collection of atoms reach a state of matter that is as cold as the fundamental laws of physics will allow.

SSLS: Bringing micro/nanofabrication to industry

Prof Herbert Moser and his team make use of synchrotron radiation deep lithography for analytical purposes as well as micro/nano fabrication.

Discovery enables plastic to 'conduct' electricity

NUS Organic Nano Device Laboratory led by Dr Peter Ho, winner of the 6th Temasek Young Investigator Award, develops a carbon-based solution that enables plastic to 'conduct' electricity.

Spinning in a new era of electronics

NUS team led by Assoc Prof Ding Jun hopes to create spintronic devices for the market in five years. It is one of the six winners of the National Research Foundation's inaugural Competitive Research Programme.

Graphene: Marking the future of microelectronics

Graphene research at NUS is one of the six projects awarded a $10 million grant by the National Research Foundation in 2007 for the inaugural Competitive Research Projects Programme.

Quantum Physics Helps Secure Data

Physicists tap the power of quantum physics to strengthen data encryption.

Examining nature in nano scale

Physics research takes a closer look at how nature transforms itself.

Small Size Does Matter

Pioneering 3-D silicon micromachining technology opens up new possibilities for electromechanical products.

Scoring big with 3-D miniaturisation

NUS researchers' pioneering 3-D micromachining technology paves the way for a wide range of faster miniature products.

Quantum information technology research puts NUS on the map for world-class science

NUS' DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS is leading efforts to make Singapore one of the first countries in the world to be equipped with a nationwide, secure network of communication channels. The ' New Scientist' has named the department's experimental research using quantum phenomena to achieve an impenetrable network of information security as one of the 10 top science stories to watch out for in 2004.

Patented technique in nuclear proton beam for micro-machinin

The NUS Centre for Ion Beam Applications in the Department of Physics has yielded a world 'first' in a technique which carves tiny three-dimensional structures using the world's smallest nuclear particle beam.

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