Physics Semestral Stargazing 2019

Friday April 5th, 7pm - 10pm, NUS football field next to Blk S17

For more information and queries, please contact: Dr Abel Yang
Email:, Tel: 6516 1246


Germany Immersion Trip

14 June - 5 July, Germany

For more information and queries, please contact: A/P Thomas Osipowicz
Email:, Tel: 6516 6745



Wednesday April 10th, Speaker: Professor Andrew Wee (NUS)

Wednesday April 24th, Speaker: Professor Yan Jie (NUS)




  • Past seminars
    • Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Novel 2D Materials by Jiadong Zhu (from the Liu Zheng group at NTU), 20 Mar
    • Signatures of Localization in Interacting Systems Coupled to a Nonequilibrium Bath by Xiansong Xu (from the Dario Poleti group at SUTD), 20 Mar
    • Discovering Novel 2D Materials for Advanced Heterostructures With Tailored Properties by Prof Kristian Sommer Thygesen (Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark), 20 Feb
    • Studying Quantum Interference with Superconducting Circuits by Dr Yvonne Yuan Gao (A*STAR quantum computing programme), 19 Feb
    • Towards controlled assemblies of ligand-stabilized noble metal nanoclusters by Prof. Hannu Häkkinen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), 18 Feb
  • NUS Open Day @ Steven Riady Centre, UTown, 9 Mar