Title: Building bespoke quantum hardware with superconducting circuits

Who: Yvonne Gao, CQT and Department of Physics, NUS
When: Thu, 11-Jun-2020, 4pm
Where: Online via Zoom (Please register to receive zoom details:

Over the past decade, developments in our ability to effectively create quantum states and coherently control their entanglement properties have enabled a wide range of powerful new technologies. While these unique features of quantum physics can be harnessed in many physical systems, the superconducting circuits technology has emerged as the leading contender for realising sophisticated quantum hardware due to its simplicity, robustness, and versatility. In this talk, I will introduce the key building blocks of superconducting circuits and the necessary infrastructure we aim to establish in CQT. I will then discuss the potential of using superconducting circuits to build tailored hardware for implementing quantum computing tasks as well for exploring interesting effects in many-body physics, chemistry, and complexity theory.

About the speaker:
Yvonne Gao is one of three new Principal Investigators joining CQT in May 2020. She brings to CQT and the NUS Department of Physics, Faculty of Science a background in the design and testing of superconducting qubits. She is a recipient of a fellowship from the National Research Foundation (NRF), class of 2020, for research “Enabling Scalable Quantum Computation via a Programmable Quantum Router”. More information about Yvonne's group can be found at An interview with Yvvone can be found at


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