Submission of Poster Abstracts


Poster Prizes

We are pleased to announce that up to 10 ACS Nano Poster Prizes worth S$200 each will be awarded.

Abstracts Submission Instructions

- Abstract should be written in English and do not exceed the imposed 200 word limit (as well as no more than one A4 page).

- Submitted abstracts must be original.

- It is recommended that you edit this template for your own abstract, and change the file name to FirstnameSurname.doc, e.g. JohnLee.doc.

- Complete and upload the abstract template form.

- The abstract submission deadline has been extended to 15 Sept 2017. 7 Sept 2017. 31st Aug 2017.

ESPMI9 Abstract File Submission

Upload file:


The online abstract submission system remains open until further notice.