Student Achievements (AY2011 - 2012)

NUS Physics students achievement in University Physics Competition 2012

Gold Medal: Gabriel Loke Zi Jie, Lim Rong Sheng, Tan Tee Hao (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit)
Silver Medal: Congratulations to Alpin Novianus Tatan, Winson Tanputraman and Evan Laksono who have won silver medals for this competition in both 2012 and 2013. Faculty advisor is Andreas Dewanto.
Bronze Medal: Ng Kia Boon, Kwang Siu Yi, Shawn Tang Wenjie (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit) Chai Jing Hao, John Soo Yue Han, Bong Kok Wei (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit) Wong Whye Khuin Nicholas, Tan Ying Zhe Ernest, Ang Ther Wey Jeysthur (Supervisor: Andreas Dewanto)
Accomplished Competitor: Yong Kenneth, Li Zixi, Goh Kok Hoe Octave (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit) Soh Yong Sheng, Yuen Wee Siang Edmund, Lim Tze Peng Kevin (Supervisor: Andreas Dewanto) Tan Wei Hou, Chang Hai Bin, Tan Boon Hon (Supervisor: Ng Wei Khim)

Physics students who had their paper published in well known Journals

Congratulations to Mr. Le Phuc Thinh, who had his paper published in International Journal of Quantum Information:

Congratulations to Mr. Law Yun Zhi, who had his paper published in PRL.

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