Student Achievements (AY2009 - 2010)

University-wide Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (OURP) for AY2009/10

The aim of this competition is to encourage research among undergraduates at NUS by presenting opportunities for them to participate in research while integrating teaching and research at various levels of experience and expertise. This allows undergraduates to develop the capacity for discovery through research.
Individual Category - Thiang Guo Chuan
Project title: Optimal Lewenstein-Sanpera Decomposition of Two-Qubit States
Supervised by: Professor Berthold-Georg Englert (Department of Physics and CQT)
Group Category - Musawwadah Mukhtar, Saw Thuan Beng, Soh Wee Tee
Project title: Theoretical Extension of Uhrig Dynamical Decoupling (UDD) in Preserving Quantum Coherence
Supervised by: Professor Gong Jiangbin (Department of Physics)

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