Science team wins Gold Medal at international competition

A final year Physics student Mr Chan Man Yau, Joseph, was part of Faculty of Science team (Team NUS_Singapore) that participate in the iGEM 2016 competition. The NUS team was awarded gold medal and Joseph was in charge of constructing a computation model for the project. Read more.

Special Programme in Science (SPS) team wins gold

Physics student Gabriel KAM Mao Quan is one of the member of the winning team called Team KiasuNUSPS. This team has emerged as an international champions at the 2016 International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST) held in Russia from 12 to 16 October 2016. Read more.

NUS Physics students achievement in University Physics Competition 2015

Silver Medal: Li Yunzhe, Marken Foo Yong Wen, Li Zejian (Supervisor: Kenneth Hong Chong Min) & Li Weijun, Guo Bing Sheng, Cui Xinhang (Supervisor: Raditya Weda Bomantara). Accomplished Competitor: Zheng Liang, Yeo Xie Jie, Chee Chau (Supervisor: Raditya Weda Bomantara). Read more.

2015 Top Graduate Researcher Award, Faculty of Science

Congratulations to Mr. Di Kai for receiving the 2015 Top Graduate Researcher Award, Faculty of Science. He is a PhD student in the Laser Brillouin Spectroscopy Group. Recently, the Group has made the first direct observation of the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in magnetic ultrathin films. The findings could be of use in spin-wave-based computing and the field of spintronics. Read more.

Writer of the Week for The Straits Times Forum Page

In The Straits Times on 3 Aug, one recent Physics honours graduate Ms Woo Jia Qian was featured as the Writer of the Week for Forum Page. She first started writing to the Forum page in 2007. She likes to see the justifications for the different perspectives offered in the Forum Page. Read more.

IEEE Magnetics Society Summer School Silver Poster Award

Our congratulations to Km Rubi (Graduate student) for receiving the Silver Poster Awardwhile attending the IEEE Magnetic 2015 Summer School June 14 - 19, at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. It is held annually during summer holidays. The school is designed for graduate students studying magnetism and related areas. Read more .

Public talk @ ArtScience Museum

On Saturday 9 May 2015, Tan Peng Kian, PhD student of Prof Christian Kurtsiefer and A/Prof Phil Chan has been invited to give a public talk at Artscience Museum. The talk will cover how science and technology environments might nurture the "Leonardos" of tomorrow and stimulate interdisciplinary working, and look at innovative education and pedagogical methodologies today which will encourage the same. Read more.

NUS Physics students achievement in University Physics Competition 2014

Silver Medal: Ng Kia Boon, Tang Wenjie Shawn, Wen Borui
(Supervisor: Sow Chorng Haur)
Accomplished Competitor: Marcelina Viana, Felix Utama Kosasih, Kristo Nugraha Lian
(Supervisor: Raditya Weda Bomantara) Read more.

Inspiring John aims for the sky
Physics graduate John Soo Yue Han with inspiring story is featured in Malaysia News Paper. He had graduated on June 30 with a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours), where he had obtained a scholarship from the Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Read more.


NUS Physics students achievement in University Physics Competition 2013

Silver Medal:
Alpin Novianus Tatan, Winson Tanputraman, Evan Laksono (Supervisor: Andreas Dewanto)
Accomplished Competitor:
Adrian Nugraha Utama, Cheah Sin Ean Donovan, Hue Jun Hao (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit)


NUS Physics students achievement in University Physics Competition 2012

Gold Medal:
Gabriel Loke Zi Jie, Lim Rong Sheng, Tan Tee Hao (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit)

Silver Medal:
Congratulations to Alpin Novianus Tatan, Winson Tanputraman and Evan Laksono who have won silver medals for this competition in both 2012 and 2013. Faculty advisor is Andreas Dewanto.

The full details are available in: and


From left to right is Evan, Alpin, and Winson


Bronze Medal:
Ng Kia Boon, Kwang Siu Yi, Shawn Tang Wenjie (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit)
Chai Jing Hao, John Soo Yue Han, Bong Kok Wei (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit)
Wong Whye Khuin Nicholas, Tan Ying Zhe Ernest, Ang Ther Wey Jeysthur (Supervisor: Andreas Dewanto)

Accomplished Competitor:
Yong Kenneth, Li Zixi, Goh Kok Hoe Octave (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit)
Soh Yong Sheng, Yuen Wee Siang Edmund, Lim Tze Peng Kevin (Supervisor: Andreas Dewanto)
Tan Wei Hou, Chang Hai Bin, Tan Boon Hon (Supervisor: Ng Wei Khim)



Physics students who had their paper published in well known Journals
Congratulations to Mr. Le Phuc Thinh, who had his paper published in International Journal of Quantum Information:

Congratulations to Mr. Law Yun Zhi, who had his paper published in PRL:


Physics students have done the department proud in the University Physics competition 2011
Congratulations to the following students for winning the silver and bronze medals:

Silver medal: 
Year-1 group: Ng Kia Boon, Kwang Siu Yi and Tang Wenjie Shawn (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit) 
Year-4 group: Law Yun Zhi, Kwong Chang Jian and Wong Songhan ( Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit) 

Bronze medal:
Year-2 group: Guan Yilun Aaron, Nguyen Duy Quang and Lin Mao (Supervisor: Andreas Dewanto) 

Accomplished Competitors
Year-4 group: Wu Zhenzhou, Tan Da Yang and Liew Ji Shen (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit) 
Year-3 group: Tan Hong Qi, Lee Kang Hao and Seah Yi-Lin (Supervisor: Chang Sheh Lit)

The complete result can be found in


FIAP Outstanding Student Papers at the APS March Meeting 2011
Congratulations to Mr. Liu Zhiqi (Dr. Ariando’s and Prof. T. Venkatesan’s student from NanoCore and Department of Physics) for receiving a FIAP (Forum for Industrial Application) Award for his work on Resistive Switching in Complex Oxide during the recent APS (American Physical Society) March meeting. Click here for more information. 


UROPS research: Control of heat conduction on a nano-scale
Energy transport control in low dimensional nano-scale system has attracted much attention in recent years. In an UROPS project under the supervision of Prof. Li Baowen, our PHYSICS student, Zhang Song, has made a significant contribution to heat conduction on a nano-scale. The work titled “Multiresonance of energy transport and absence of heat pump in a force-driven lattice” has already been accepted for publication as a regular article in Physical Review E. Click here for more information. 


University-wide Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (OURP) for AY2009/10
The aim of this competition is to encourage research among undergraduates at NUS by presenting opportunities for them to participate in research while integrating teaching and research at various levels of experience and expertise. This allows undergraduates to develop the capacity for discovery through research.

Individual Category - Thiang Guo Chuan
Project title: Optimal Lewenstein-Sanpera Decomposition of Two-Qubit States
Supervised by: Professor Berthold-Georg Englert (Department of Physics and CQT)

Group Category - Musawwadah Mukhtar, Saw Thuan Beng, Soh Wee Tee
Project title: Theoretical Extension of Uhrig Dynamical Decoupling (UDD) in Preserving Quantum Coherence
Supervised by: Associate Professor Gong Jiangbin (Department of Physics)


High Impact Research by UROP Student
Using a combined experimental and theoretical approach, it was demonstrated recently that Li doping in ZnO can lead to room temperature ferromagnetism (Yi et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 137201 (2010)). This was a joint effort between Prof. Feng’s group in Physics Department and Prof. Ding’s group in Materials Science and Engineering Department. It is worth noting that the computational work that contributed to the understanding of physical mechanism of the room temperature ferromagnetism was carried out by an undergraduate student, Mr. Lim Chin Chean, as part of his UROPs project, Jan – Dec 2009. It is generally believed that cation vacancy can lead to ferromagnetism in oxide such as ZnO. However, the formation energy of cation vacancy is typically high which prevents a high concentration of cation vacancy at room temperature. In this work, the authors demonstrated that incorporating Li in ZnO can reduce the formation energy of Zn vacancy, by forming defect complex. In addition to provide practical way of producing dilute magnetic semiconductor, this work demonstrates that defects can be controlled and engineered to tune the properties of engineering materials.


Physics students have made a fundamental contribution towards quantum entanglement preservationThree second-year PHYSICS students Musawwadah Mukhtar, Thuan Beng Saw and Wee Tee Soh in the SPS project, under the supervision of A/P Gong Jiangbin, have made a fundamental and significant contribution towards quantum entanglement preservation. The work titled "Universal dynamical decoupling: Two-qubit states and beyond" has already been accepted for publication as a long article in Physical Review A and has been praised by one leader in the community from Dartmouth college. Click here for more information.


Taiwan International Science Fair: TISF 2010 (research high school students won 2nd Award)
Phua Yi Hui, Nicole Chew and Siswo Hartoyo are three students from Dunman High School who has spent a good portion of last year in Physics Department working on their research project “Carbon Nanotubes as Efficient Nanosieve for Controlled Assembly of Nanoparticles”. They were closely supervised by A/P Sow Chorng Haur's student Sharon Lim. The team was selected by MOE to represent Singapore in the Taiwan International Science Fair 2010 and the presentation by Yi Hui won them the 2nd award. (equivalent to Silver Medal in SSEF but at International level). Attached file is a summary of this competition compiled by Sharon and Singapore has been consistently done well.

Cai Yongqin Raymond, Physics major- Winner of OURP for AY2008/09, Individual Category
The project submitted for this competition is titled Finite Key Analysis for Quantum Cryptography. It deals with a technical aspect of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), which is about using quantum physics to distribute secret codes between distant partners.


Local innovations make a splash abroad: Wireless 'caddy' for nurses
The Straits Times (Review: Tech and Science), 23 Feb 2008, featured Dr Lim Soh Min, once a Physics graduate together with 3 colleagues invented a device that can continuously measure body temperature and send this data wirelessly to a receiver is a product of Cadi Scientific. .


An exclusive interview by Zao Bao on honours graduate Heng Ser Guan, Kevin
Click here for more details.


Chang Ci'En Sharon, Physics (conc. in Applied Physics) major - Winners of OURP for AY2007/08, Group Category
The project which we submitted for this competition was titled 'Designing and Validating a Low Cost Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Instrument (RT-PCR) for Secondary Schools'.The project submitted for this competition is titled Finite Key Analysis for Quantum Cryptography.


Student Entrepreneur
Mr Lai Wei Chang our 3rd year Physics major, once bed-ridden by a rare form of bone cancer, has courageously stood up as entrepreneur of several businesses. In his business attempts he doesn’t even think of rejection and failure but would just go out and do it. He is the founder of which is one of Singapore’s biggest tuition agencies, and he has many business ventures coming from pipeline soon.


Law Zhiyang, Physics major- Winner of OURP for AY2006/07, Individual Category
My project submitted for this competition is titled "Non-cyclic Phase of 4-flavor Neutrino Oscillation". Let me just first introduce what neutrinos are. They are one of the lightest particles known in Science, so light and so un-interactive that we know very little about the physical parameters describing it. It is known that neutrinos come in three flavors and because they travel from the sun, (which produces a large amount of neutrinos during nuclear reaction), their flavors change, and this is described in the theory of neutrino oscillation.


All-rounder Lum Chune Yang embraces the blue sky and beyond
The multi-faced BSc (Physics Hons) and University Scholars Programme (USP) graduand, Mr Lum Chune Yang celebrated his Commencement with a trip to Sicily, Italy to attend a course "Neutrinos and Explosive Events in the Universe" organized by the 14th NATO Advanced Study Insitute in Italy.


Thanks for the second chance
The New Paper, 29 Jul 2005, featured Mr Peng Yuan Han, once convicted of hacking, he's now a PSC scholar and top Physics graduate with first class honours in an article "Thanks for the second chance"