Prospective Postgraduates (Research Programmes)

Master of Science by Research in Physics


Candidates pursuing Master of Science in Physics by research are required to attend and pass examinations in a minimum of three modules:

  • PC5198 Graduate Seminar Module in Physics, and
  • Two level-5000 physics modules.

Candidates may read up to one graduate-level modules offered by other Departments subject to the approval from their thesis supervisor(s) and/or department(s). All modules, which include undergraduate modules and cross faculty modules, taken by the candidates will be included in the CAP computation.



Candidates must submit, through the supervisor(s) and the Head of Department, their theses for examination within the maximum period of candidature. The thesis must be on a topic approved by the respective departments and must make some contribution to knowledge and not be a mere collation of existing materials. The thesis must contain original work or critical interpretation worthy of publication.

It is a common practice that candidates are required to present a seminar talk in the Department on their research findings before submitting the theses for examination.

Presentation before thesis submission (PhD & MSc by Research)

A presentation (25-30min) is required when a PhD or Master by Research student is about to submit his/her thesis. The dates of presentations are tentatively:

  1. August, semester I, week 0 (e.g. Friday) on the “Physics Graduate Symposium”, organized by Physics Graduate Society.
  2. November, Friday of last instruction week, the week before the reading week.
  3. January, semester II, Friday of week 1
  4. April, Monday of the reading week.

To facilitate the organization of a group presentations with several talks, students who intend to submit the thesis must plan earlier, and use one of the four slots indicated above. If the student decided to make a presentation for the purpose of thesis submission requirement, a title and an abstract should be submitted to Rosalind (, one week before the presentation date, so that the department can work out a schedule and announce the talks.


English Language

All international students are required to take an English Language proficiency test (Diagnostic English Test) unless exemption has been granted. This test will determine whether candidates would need to take the Graduate English course. If applicable, candidates are required to achieve an intermediate level of proficiency in the Graduate English course.


Seminar Attendance

Candidates are required to attend 10 seminars organized by the Department. The Department Office will keep track the seminar attendance.


Important: Candidates are strongly encouraged to check with Registrar's Office for any possible official updates.

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