Physics Library

Student Lounge at the rear end of the First-Year Laboratory (S12 04-02).    


Laboratory Technologist In-charge:    

Mrs Cheong, Elaine
Tel: 6516 2630 

List of Books (newly updated):    
LNP Series.pdf and Reference Books.pdf

How to use the Level 1000 Library    
1. The full book list is attached above. You may refer to the list for the type of collections of books that is available. 

2. For access to the books, please sign out the keys from a lab staff at the service counter.

3. After reading, please return the books to the book shelf according to the call no and return the keys promptly.

4. Books with the red “RBR” label are reference collections which are not allowed to be taken out of the lab. Other books can be borrowed for a maximum of two weeks.

5. There is a blue card attached in each book. To borrow a book, please fill in your particulars on the blue card and submit it to any lab staff at the counter.

6. Kindly keep the place clean and tidy.

7. The opening hours for the library will be from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.