Utkur Mirziyodovich MIRSAIDOV

PhD in Physics, University of Texas, Austin, USA (2005)

Assistant Professor
Office : Blk S1A, #02-01
Email : phyumm@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Nanoscale phase transitions
  • Discovery of new pathways in material synthesis
  • Self-assembly of nanostructures
  • Fabrication of nanoscale devices for next generation microelectronics
  • Development of new in situ Electron Microscopy techniques.

Selected Publications

  1. N. D. Loh, S. Sen, M. Bosman, S. F. Tan, J. Zhong, C. Nijhuis, P. Kral, P. Matsudaira, and U. Mirsaidov, "Multi-step Nucleation of Nanocrystals." Nature Chemistry 9, p.77-82 (2017).

  2. G. Lin, S. W. Chee , S. Raj, P. Kral, and U. Mirsaidov, "Linker-mediated Self-assembly Dynamics of Charged Nanoparticles." ACS Nano10(8), p. 7443-7450 (2016).

  3. G. Lin, X. Zhu. U. Anand, Q. Liu, J. Lu, H. Su, U. Mirsaidov, "Nanodroplet-Mediated Assembly of Platinum Nanoparticle Rings in Solution." Nano Lett. 16 (2), p.1092–1096 (2016).

  4. U. Anand, J. Lu, N. D Loh, Z. Aabdin, U. Mirsaidov, "Hydration Layer-mediated Pairwise Interaction of Nanoparticles." Nano Lett. 16 (1), p.786–790 (2016).

  5. Q. Liu, F. Y. Leong, Z. Aabdin, U. Anand, T. S. B. Quang, U. Mirsaidov, "Nanodroplet depining from nanoparticles." ACS Nano 9(9), p.9020–9026 (2015).

  6. Z. Aabdin, J. Lu, X. Zhu, U. Anand, N. D. Loh, H. Su, U. Mirsaidov, "Bonding Pathways of Gold Nanocrystals in Solution." Nano Lett.14(11), p.6639–6643 (2014).

  7. J. Lu, Z. Aabdin, N. D. Loh, D. Bhattacharya, U. Mirsaidov, "Nanoparticle Dynamics in a Nanodroplets." Nano Lett.14(4), p.2111–2115 (2014).

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