Quek Su Ying

NRF Assistant Professor

Office : S16-06-16
Tel : (65) 6601 3640
Email : phyqsy@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

We use first principles approaches (i.e. approaches with well-defined approximations but no adjustable parameters) to make predictions on the electronic structure and transport properties of different material systems, such as graphene, topological insulators and single-molecule junctions. The uniqueness of our approach is that we can combine many-electron theories with mean-field theories into a practical and predictive tool to predict transport properties in nanoscale systems. We also work closely with experimentalists to understand experimental observations and guide experiments. In particular, we have recently focused on research involving emerging 2D materials, such as graphene and two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides.

Selected Publications

Y. Zhao, X. Luo, H. Li, J. Zhang, P. A. T. Araujo, C. K. Gan, H. Zhang*, S. Y. Quek*, M. S. Dresselhaus, and Q. Xiong*, “Interlayer breathing and shear modes in few-trilayer MoS2  and WSe2 ”, Nano Letters 13, 1007 (2013)

X. Luo, M. Sullivan and S. Y. Quek*, “First Principles Investigations of the Atomic, Electronic, and Thermoelectric Properties of Equilibrium and Strained Bi2Se3 & Bi2Te3, with van der Waals Interactions”, Physical Review B 86, 184111(2012)

S.Y. Quek, M. Kamenetska, M.L. Steigerwald, H.J. Choi, S.G. Louie, M.S. Hybertsen, J. B. Neaton and L. Venkataraman, "Mechanically-Controlled Binary Conductance Switching of a Single-Molecule Junction", Nature Nanotechnology, 4, 230 (2009)

S.Y. Quek, L. Venkataraman, H.J. Choi, S.G. Louie, M.S. Hybertsen and J.B. Neaton, “Amine-Gold Linked Single-Molecule Circuits: Experiment and Theory”, Nano Letters 7, 3477 (2007)

S.Y. Quek, J.B. Neaton, M.S. Hybertsen, E. Kaxiras and S.G. Louie, “Negative Differential Resistance in Transport through Organic Molecules on Silicon”, Physical Review Letters 98, 066807 (2007)