Quek Su Ying

NRF Assistant Professor

Office : S16-06-16
Tel : (65) 6601 3640
Email : phyqsy@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

Assistant Professor Quek’s group uses first principles approaches to make predictions on the electronic structure and transport properties of materials. The uniqueness of the approach is that they can combine many-electron theories with mean-field theories into a practical and predictive tool to predict transport properties in nanoscale systems. They also work closely with experimentalists to understand experimental observations and guide experiments. In particular, they have recently focused on research involving emerging 2D materials.

Selected Publications

  • X. Luo, X. Lu, G. W. K. Kok, A. H. Castro Neto, B. Özyilmaz*, Q. Xiong*, and S. Y. Quek*, “Large Frequency Change with Thickness in Interlayer Breathing Mode - Significant Interlayer Interactions in Few Layer Black Phosphorus”, Nano Letters, 15, 3931 (2015)

  • K. Dolui and S. Y. Quek*, ”Quantum-confinement and Structural Anisotropy result in Electrically-Tunable Dirac Cone in Few-layer Black Phosphorous”, Scientific Reports 5, 11699 (2015)

  • Y. L. Huang, Y. Chen, W. Zhang, S. Y. Quek*, C.-H. Chen, L.-J. Li, W.-T. Hsu, W.-H. Chang, Y. J. Zheng, W. Chen and A. T. S. Wee*, “Bandgap Tunability at Single-layer Molybdenum Disulphide Grain Boundaries”, Nature Communications 6, 6298 (2015)

  • W. S. Leong, X. Luo, Y. Li, K. H. Khoo, S. Y. Quek* and J. T. L. Thong*, “Low Resistance Metal Contacts to MoS2 Devices with Nickel-Etched-Graphene Electrodes”, ACS Nano 9, 869 (2015)

  • S. Li, Y.-W. Son and S. Y. Quek*,”Large magnetoresistance from long-range interface coupling in armchair graphene nanoribbon junctions”, Applied Physics Letters 105, 242413 (2014)

  • S. Y. Quek* and K. H. Khoo, “Predictive DFT-Based Approaches to Charge and Spin Transport in Single-Molecule Junctions and Two-Dimensional Materials: Successes and Challenges”, Accounts of Chemical Research, 47, 3250 (2014) (invited review)

  • S. Li, C. K. Gan, Y.-W. Son, Y. P. Feng and S. Y. Quek*, “Anomalous length-independent frontier resonant transmission peaks in armchair graphene nanoribbon molecular wires”, Carbon 76, 285 (2014)

  • X. Luo, Y. Zhao, J. Zhang, M. Toh, C. Kloc, Q. Xiong*, and S. Y. Quek*, “Effects of Lower Symmetry and Dimensionality on Raman Spectra in Two-Dimensional WSe2”, Physical Review B, 88, 195313 (2013)

  • X. Luo, Y. Zhao, J. Zhang, Q. Xiong*, and S. Y. Quek*, “Anomalous Frequency Trends in MoS2 Thin Films Attributed to Surface Effects”, Physical Review B, 88, 075320 (2013)

  • Y. Zhao, X. Luo, H. Li, J. Zhang, P. A. T. Araujo, C. K. Gan, H. Zhang*, S. Y. Quek*, M. S. Dresselhaus, and Q. Xiong*, “Interlayer breathing and shear modes in few-trilayer MoS2 and WSe2”, Nano Letters 13, 1007 (2013)