NG Chee Mang

PhD, National University of Singapore (2002)

Adjunct Associate Professor

Email : phyncmg@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Advanced materials & process for next-generation semiconductor de- vices

  • Fabrication of silicon-based sensors and nanowire devices

  • CMOS solutions for More-than-Moore applications

Selected Publications

  1. S.R. Chun, W.A. Sasangka, M.Z. Ng, MZ, Q. Liu, A. Du, J. Zhu, C.M. Ng, Z.Q. Liu, S.Y. Chiam, C.L. Gan, "Joining Copper Oxide Nanotube Arrays Driven by the Nanoscale Kirkendall Effect", Small 9, 2546-2552 (2013).

  2. N.Y. Xu, H.T.E. Teo, M. Shakerzadeh, X.C. Wang, C.M. Ng, B.K. Tay, "Electrical properties of textured carbon film formed by pulsed laser annealing", Diamond and Related Materials, 23, 135-139 (2012).

  3. W.S. Deng, M. Yang, J.W. Chai, T.I. Wong, A. Du, C.M. Ng, Y.P. Feng, S.J. Wang, "Orientation control of epitaxial Ge thin films growth on SrTiO3 (100) by ultrahigh vacuum sputtering", Thin Solid Films, 520, 4880¬4883 (2012).