Goki EDA

PhD, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA (2009)

NRF Assistant Professor
Office : S13-02-05  |  Tel : (65) 6516 2970
Email : phyeg@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

Prof. Eda’s research aims to translate unusual condensed matter phenomena into novel technology. His research group studies a range of fundamental and applied physical effects that are unique to two-dimensional (2D) materials derived from ordinary layered compounds such as MoS2.

  • Excitons and polaritons
  • Charge transport
  • Thin film electro-optics
  • Solar energy conversion
  • Crystal phase engineering

Strong coupling between excitons and plasmons gives rise to electromagnetically induced transparency

Selected Publications

  1. D. Kozawa, A. Carvalho, I. Verzhbitskiy, F. Giustiniano, Y. Miyauchi, S. Mouri, A. H. Castro Neto, K. Matsuda, and G. Eda “Evidence for Fast Interlayer Energy Transfer in MoSe2/WS2 Heterostructures” Nano Lett. 16, 4087 (2016).

  2. H. Schmidt, I. Yudhistira, L. Chu, A. H. Castro Neto, B. Oezyilmaz, S. Adam, and G. Eda "Quantum transport and observation of Dyakonov-Perel spin-orbit scattering in monolayer MoS2” Phys. Rev. Lett., 116, 046803 (2016).

  3. W. Zhao, S. Wang, B. Liu, I. Verzhbitskiy, S. Li, F. Giustiniano, D. Kozawa, K.P. Loh, K. Matsuda, K. Okamoto, R.F. Oulton, and G. Eda “Exciton-plasmon coupling and electromagnetically induced transparency in monolayer semiconductors hybridized with Ag nanoparticles” Adv. Mater. 28, 2709 (2016).

  4. W. Zhao, R.M. Ribeiro, and G. Eda “Electronic structure and optical signatures of semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenide nanosheets” Acc. Chem. Res. 48, 91 (2015).

  5. D. Kozawa, R. S. Kumar, A. Carvalho,
A. K. Kumar, W. Zhao, S. Wang, M. Toh, R. M. Ribeiro, A. H. Castro Neto, K. Matsuda, G. Eda “Photocarrier relaxation pathway in two-dimensional semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides” Nat. Comm. 5, 4543 (2014).

  6. D. Voiry, H. Yamaguchi, J. Li, R. Silva, D.C.B. Alves, T. Fujita, M.W. Chen, T. Asefa, V.B. Shenoy, G. Eda, and M. Chhowalla “Enhanced catalytic activity in strained chemically exfoliated WS2 nanosheets for hydrogen evolution” Nat. Mater. 12, 850 (2013).

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