PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (2006)

Assistant Professor
Office : S15-02-02  |  Tel : (65) 6516 5629
Email : phymd@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Due to rich level structure, long trapping time and good isolation from environment, molecular ions confined in a Paul trap are attractive candidates for spectroscopy, precision measurements and quantum information processing. However lack of suitable transitions makes laser cooling and state detection of the molecules difficult. Our group currently explores application of “quantum logic” techniques initially developed for the ion trap quantum computations, for preparation, manipulation, and detection of internal states of molecular ions.

Selected Publications

  1. S. Ding, D. N. Matsukevich, "Quantum logic for control and manipulation of molecular ions using a frequency comb", arXiv:1109.4251

  2. D. Hayes, D. N. Matsukevich, P. Maunz, D. Hucul, Q. Quraishi, S. Olmschenk, W. Campbell, J. Mizrahi, C. Senko, and C. Monroe, "Entanglement of Atomic Qubits using an Optical Frequency Comb," Physical Review Letters 104, 140501 (2010).

  3. S. Olmschenk, D. N. Matsukevich, P. Maunz, D. Hayes, L.-M. Duan, and C. Monroe, “Quantum Teleportation between Distant Matter Qubits,” Science 323, 486 (2009).

  4. T. Chaneliere, D. N. Matsukevich, S. D. Jenkins, S.-Y. Lan, T.A.B. Kennedy, A. Kuzmich,”Storage and retrieval of single photons transmitted between remote quantum memories”, Nature, 438, 833 (2005.)

  5. D. N. Matsukevich, T. Chaneliere, M. Bhattacharya, S.-Y. Lan, S. D. Jenkins, T.A.B. Kennedy, A. Kuzmich, “Entanglement of a photon and a collective atomic excitation”, Physical Review Letters 95, 040405 (2005).

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