Lay-Lay CHUA

PhD, University of Cambridge, UK (2008)

Associate Professor
Office : S7-03-08  |  Tel : (65) 6516 4834
Email : phycll or chmcll@nus.edu.sg

Current Research

  • Functionalization and development of new applications for solution-processable graphenes.

  • Transfer method and development of new applications for CVD graphenes.

  • Energy-level engineering for organic solar cells and polymer heterostructure devices.

  • Structure–morphology–property relations of pi-conjugated semiconducting materials

  • Materials development for high-performance organic electronic devices, such as photocrosslinkers

Top: Schematic of top-gate bottom-contact field-effect transistors with transferred gate electrode. Photographs of transferred patterned graphene (bottom, right) and transferred Ag and Au metal films (bottom, left).

Selected Publications

  1. J.G. Yang, F.Y. Kam, L.L. Chua*, "transferred metal electrode films for large area electronic devices", Appl. Phys. Lett. 105(2014) 193304.

  2. J. Song, F.Y. Kam, R.Q. Png, W.L. Seah, J.M. Zhuo, G.K. Lim, P.K.H. Ho, L.L. Chua*, “A general method for transferring graphene onto soft surfaces”, Nature Nanotetechnology 8(2013) 356.

  3. Z.L. Chen, F.Y. Kam, G.S.R. Goh, J. Song, G.K. Lim, L.L. Chua*, “Influence of graphtie source on chemical oxidative reactivity“, Chem. Mater. 25(2013) 2944.

  4. Z.L. Chen, F.Y. Kam V keerthi, J. Song, C. Hu, L.Y. Wong, G.K. Lim, L.L. Chua*, “Efficient surfactant-free and chemical reductant-free solvothermal deoxidation of solution-processable sub-stoichiometric graphene oxide”, J. Mater. Chem. C 1 (2013) 7246

  5. G.K. Lim*, Z.L. Chen, J. Clark, R.G.S. Goh, W.H. Ng, H.W. Tan, R.H. Friend, P.K.H. Ho, L.L. Chua*, “Giant broadband nonlinear optical absorption reponse in dispersed graphene single sheets”, Nature Photonics. 5(2011) 554.

  6. R.Q. Png, P.J. Chia, J.C. Tang, B. Liu, S. Sivaramakrishnan, M. Zhou, S.H. Khong, H.S.O. Chan, J.H. Burroughes, L.L. Chua*, R.H. Friend and P.K.H. Ho*, “High-performance polymer semiconducting heterostructure devices by nitrene-mediated photocrosslinking of alkyl side chains”, Nature Mater. 9(2010) 152.

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